Tools Project Management to help your business

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Tools Project Management to help your business

Tools Project Management to help your business

One skill needed by all businesses is Project Management and collaboration. Most results of a project certainly depend on the initial planning process and monitoring process.

Project Management is very important for SME businesses, where most projects depend on a number of people who have to communicate and make their own workflows.

In addition, globalization also makes collaboration in business increasingly important because many modern businesses today do not have a permanent office. It’s no secret that many people in the world are working from home.

With a little computerized company management in the past, many businesses realize that a project failure is sometimes due to weak coordination. Most associate failure with miscommunication and difficult to get access to data.

Even so, most companies don’t make changes to their ways to connect people from different teams.

In addition, many companies also feel hesitant to use the management project system outside the traditional way. They believe that the traditional way of running a project is the safest way.

A study from the Pulse of the Profession found that 83% of Executive understood the importance of Project Management and 95% of them wanted to try the Tools Project Management using the cloud-hosted system.

Cloud-Hosted Project Management itself is considered as one of the most cost-effective options for any business because you can customize tools according to your needs.

Benefits of Tools Project Management Online

Steve Denning from Forbes, concluded in the article, Learning Consortium for the Creative Economy, that all companies have different opinions in project management strategies, and will only use practice strategies that meet the context of their operations.

Therefore it is not easy to convince all companies to switch to online project management. However, some points below can convince you to do project management online:

  • Easy information access

If you have a team spread throughout the world, of course using online project management tools will help provide access to information and files related to the project to people who don’t work in your office with you.

  • Facilitate the member team to join

The cloud-based project management tool is also easy to use. Users only need to log in with emails and passwords and they can already use the program independently without other team members.

  • Focus on collaboration

Most project management tools offer collaborative features that can help your work more effective. The concept of all these tools is so that you can participate easily and do your tasks with transparent.

This will certainly help all the members of the project team can find out where the project progress is.

  • Flexible configuration

The Project Management system is very flexible and allows you to coordinate the project and specific tasks. You can add and track changes that occur at that moment, and keep the progress in accordance with the schedule.

  • An affordable price

Online Project Management tools are an affordable choice. This is due to lack of installation, storage, extensive servers complex, and maintenance. Some Project Management tools use a subscription system or subscription. There are also some free management tool projects.

How? Have you been interested in using the Project Management Online Tool?

If yes, we will now discuss the online project management tools that you can use, with a complete explanation of their features and characteristics. Tools-tools are also user-friendly and made to help you monitor all your projects.

Tools Project Management Online

Here is a recommendation of various tools project management that you can use:

  • Trello.

Trello is one of the software that has a user-centered system. Trello offers one of the most interesting and very interactive interfaces on the market.

One Trello feature that makes it one of the popular project management tools is its unique board and card methodology, and almost unlimited configuration tricks that help him adopt the most complicated and specific projects though.

What’s more, Trello connects individuals and teams, and provides a variety of social interaction features that make collaboration more enjoyable. Trello is also one of the most cost-effective tools.

Trello features:

  • Project management with boards and cards

Trello works with a unique concept in managing projects or tasks as boards and cards (boards and cards), and allow dependency tasks fully according to your needs and desires.

The Trello interface is also easy to navigate, and therefore suitable for small teams and for those who are still new in using the Project Management tool.

  • End-to-end collaboration

Trello brings together various communication channels to combine corporate communication to be in one system. With that, team members you can follow changes and status updates, add comments, attachments, or ideas, and even add labels and checklists.

  • Team grouping

Focus on collaboration, Trello helps a team in order to collaborate regularly. This one tool allows you to group different employee teams, such as marketing teams and finance teams.

  • Public and private board
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With Trello, you can create a board, card, and a team as much as you want. Besides that you can also add as many people as possible. You can choose to make your team and board public or private.

  • Power-up connection and fire developer

Power UPS, which connects Trello to service such as Google Drive, Evernote, Github, and Salesforce includes one of the Trello Business Class features. You can set up and filter your board, advanced security features, administrative controls, and all benefits from Trello Gold.

If you use Trello in the application, extension, or plug-in, you will also get a free Public Developer API.


Basecamp helps delegate assignments and ensures that they are well-organized. Users can delegate tasks, pursue deadlines, and monitor progress.

This product has an industry experience for 10 years and millions of users who really like simple and concise operations.

Basecamp also has a variety of effective monitoring tools and campfires features allow you to use ping and chat with individuals and groups in real time, and reach a quick consensus for every important decision.

Basecamp features:

  • All-in-one

Basecamp collects the project, client, and internal communication of your team. Basecamp has a good structure and gives you full control in running your business project.

  • Proficient Discussion Board

Basecamp has a messaging board, where you can use it to communicate with your team effectively. Apart from Messaging Board, Basecamp also offers Campfire Chats features, To-Do Lists, and Schedules, as well as Automated Check-Ins. This is how their system can run without using software from a third party.

  • Project Milestone Schedule

With Basecamp, you will be able to consolidate your team about the tasks that are truly important, preparing a realistic milestone, and scheduled deadlines. The Basecamp system interface is easy to navigate and will not cause problems for users to find the information they need.

  • To-do lists

One of the features of the Basecamp core functionality is to-do lists, which allow users to personalize their dashboards and prioritize tasks in the right way for them. In addition, this feature also helps track the progress of every worker.

  • Automatic check-ins

Automatic check-ins can be used for team members to write down what they have done in a certain period of time (can be per day, per week, or per month).

  • Cross-Team and Cross-Project Reports

Basecamp offers a variety of standard and custom reports to summarize activities, which not only help see what has been done until now but also fully know the current project status and future deadlines.

  • Universal Applicability

Basecamp is one of the most versatile project management on the market. They provide configuration tools that help users adjust it to suit their own needs.


Bitrix24 is a project management, collaboration, and CRM which takes into account all the people involved in the project. The main function of these tools ranges from time management and planning features, which will not only help you with deadlines but also make detailed and accurate reports.

You can use bitrix24 to coordinate projects, schedules, and tasks, and benefit from CRM and its communication platform to talk to your customers. You can use Bitrix24 for free and add 12 people on your board.

What makes Bitrix24 unique?

  • Combination of Project Management, Sales Management, and CRM

The reason why bitrix24 is considered suitable for doing a large project is because bitrix24 combines project management with sales management and CRM. Besides that they also offer other productive add-ons that you can use to maximize this tool. They offer telephone service, document management, and control features for HR.

  • 35+ collaboration tools

Bitrix24 Developer considers that efficient collaboration is the main factor in successful project management. Therefore, Bitrix24 provides 35 collaboration tools. You will get various kinds of communication channels, mail servers, social media integration, chat, video, and other useful features.

  • HR Tools.

Bitrix24 can also be used to take care of Human Resource (HR). They offer employee directories, employee permit management, knowledge management, and forms to take leave. This system can also help in the recruitment process.

  • Sales Management

Bitrix24 will help all your sales process needs because they provide Contact Management, Invoice processes, and analytics and support multiple languages ​​and currencies.

  • Documents Management.

As mentioned above, Bitrix24 has a document management, including network drive mapping, in-place editing and sync automatically, and the history of these documents.

  • Dedicated Call Center

The telephone suite is designed to allow you to make national and international calls in mobile numbers and landlines through this platform, and also to receive the phone without installing software or add-ons.

  • Unlimited communication with customers

Bitrix24 supports various communication channels with your customers – whether via email, telephone, social media, instant messenger, web form, or live chat website. All your interactions will also be recorded in one database.

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If you are looking for a Project Management Solution that is simple and not too expensive and can handle long and complex projects, Mavenlink is the right project management tool for you.

This one tool combines Project Management, Planning Resources, Collaboration, and Financial Management. They also store conversations, assets, and resources. Mavenlink is also one of the best Management Tool applications in compiling a budget of a project.

What makes Mavenlink one of the best Project Management tools?

  • Project planning.

Mavenlink uses the Gantt Chart to see the status of each task, the progress in real-time, and calculate the budget of each resource change. You can use Mavenlink to build a realistic project plan, distribute assignments to your team members, and schedule deadlines.

  • Cost Control.

Mavenlink is equipped with profit management. You can see and set your own resources needed by your project. This system automatically links expenses and invoices with projects or tasks affected by it. Mavenlink also provides financial data reports in real-time.

  • Project Accounting

Mavenlink is a good alternative to Project Accounting, because this tool calculates time and expenses. Inputting finance details is also easy using Mavenlink. This tool allows you to enter invoices, calculate sales taxes, make changes to orders, and much more.

  • Business Intelligence

Another thing that makes Mavenlink very helpful in making decisions is to set up Insight data. In this report, you can see your project status, profit margins, utilization stats, and your time and expenses. You can also customize reports according to your needs.

  • Team Collaboration.

Of course Mavenlink also pays attention to your team’s collaboration needs. You can start a conversation, upload files, and exchange information through this tool. This certainly helps you in doing your assignment on time.


Asana is a Project Management tool and a well-known collaboration system. Most Asana users, like Flow Activities in real time that share information to users regarding changes and updates, and the possibility of starting personal discussions or groups from the same dashboard.

In terms of project management, the Asanas Developer said that the delegation of tasks easily and Change Management was an important element in the Asana. In addition, this tool also offers one of the best customer service available on the market.

With Asana, customers will also benefit from the development of new management tactics and project collaboration.

Then what are the advantages of Asana?

  • Turning Conversations Into Actionable Tasks

Asana developers often say that this one tool changes a chaos to an orderly manner. It is helped by private features and group chat that can be easily converted into assignments. All team members can see progress, edit files, or follow the update status with an interface style such as social media.

  • Subtasks, Task Dependencies, and Columnar Project Structures

Asana controls your project progress until it’s finished by looking at the progress of each task and conversation. This system also allows you to monitor progress tasks related to your project to complete and make a detailed progress report.

  • Dedicated Smart Inbox.

Asana gives you the possibility of using the email provider you like. Asana offers a dedicated smart inbox feature where users only receive relevant notifications. Emails received can also be converted into tasks automatically.

  • Custom Tracking Fields.

One feature that can be very helpful is the Custom Tracking Fields where you can choose what you want to monitor yourself, such as leads, job applications, or other information.

  • Private Projects vs Collaborations with Third Parties

Asana not only provides you with individual team pages and chat between team members, but also gives you the possibility to share with guests, partners, or third party collaborators.

  • Premade Templates.

Asana offers a variety of premade templates that you can use to add new workflows on the system in minutes. You can also make your own template if you need it.

  • An Assigned Customer Success Manager

The Asana Team will give you a Customer Success Manager (CSM) to help you use asanas. This CSM will share important tips and tricks to plan and implement your project using asanas. In addition, the company also provides 24/7 support and ticketing, if there is an emergency case.

From the explanation above, it can certainly be seen that the Project Management tool can help the planning and implementation of a project. You can easily collaborate with your team’s members so that your team can work more efficiently.

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