Tips To Make Your Ad Inventory Attractive to Ad Exchange Buyers

Our goal is to easily help publishers exploit in their site visitors by searching at possible ways to enhance the latest set up they’ve got or in all probability look at other new metrics that may jumpstart their achievement in site monetization. Part of this goal is to make their ad inventory attractive to buyers – enormously Ad Exchange buyers. It is where the big avid gamers roll!Revenue hasn’t ever hit a new high and has slightly plateaued. Does this sound regularly occurring?Of course, it does!At some point, all publishers have had this catch 22 situation and would from time to time point the blame too – maybe it’s the site visitors first-rate or the content material is not too engaging, or even the site needs a new appear and feel.

Before you even go to drastic changes, take a look at one very essential metric. This is most often unnoticed but plays an important part in ad optimization:Active View is a metric that helps publisher measure how a particular placement is likely to be seen by users. Interactive Advertising Bureau IAB defines viewability as “50% 30% for large ads of the ad’s pixels are visual in the browser window for a continual 1 second for in stream video ads, a continuing 2 seconds”. Thus, the % of viewability is an instantaneous degree of how much of the ad was really viewed by your site visitors out of the whole number of ads being served. If one of your ad units is acting at below 60%, then it’s time that you just review and agree with a likely change of placement or size switch.

Whichever works. Larger ads typically cost more as they’re prone to be seen and clicked on. Advertisers pay good money with the most effective goal of being seen by their target viewers. In 2012, a comparative case study was done to measure how likely users interact with regular banners versus the wider, larger interactive ad units, called the rising stars and the outcomes showed that users usually tend to have interaction with the Rising Stars. Setting too high floors do not guarantee high returns, it’d simply mean you are proscribing the buyers that can bid for your inventory which can hurt your site’s functionality and income. Thus, we strongly indicate to first have in mind your traffic source, and most significantly study your ad units’ performance.

Drill all the way down to get the minimum and greatest CPMs. Analyze your reviews and find out as many info as that you can about your stock’s performance.

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