Tips to Increase User Engagement on a Website

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Tips to Increase User Engagement on a Website

Tips to Increase User Engagement on a Website

High traffic on websites is sometimes good and can be proud of. However, high website traffic is meaningless if no user engagement enters. Maybe you need to learn tips to increase user engagement on a website so that businesses experience increased sales and revenue.

User engagement can be a variety of things. Starting from the subscription or absence of users on your blog and newsletter, or whether or not there is a purchase or order of your business products or services. If the answer is no, it means that the user engagement you have is not optimal.

So, want to know how to tips on increasing user engagement on your website to work optimally? Let’s look in full in the following article!

Create Useful Content and Capable of Attracting Engagement

Having and managing a blog on a website is the best way to create user engagement. In fact, according to a research, small businesses that own and use blogs are far ahead of small businesses that don’t.

Maybe you are confused what to make to categorize useful content. So, articles such as tutorial content are usually read and searched more often by users. Adding articles like that can also create a trusted image of potential customers for your business.

Then, for the ability to attract engagement, the content that you create also needs to have interesting images. Try to make an article image that is unique, has characteristics, and is brightly colored. Usually images of articles like that are also able to attract prospective customers to click and read your article. In fact, if the picture you make is very unique, it is not impossible that the viewer will share it to their respective social media.

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Collect Customer’s Email Address with the Form on the Website

Traffic will not help or be useful if your website visitors only come once and never come back. Therefore, it is important to record the trace of their email address so that you are able to maintain contact and get back in touch with them at any time.

The easiest way to do this with your website is by displaying a popup column that is able to attract the attention of visitors. You can give the lure of prizes in the form of discounted vouchers, free trial offers, or free ebooks that will be sent via email when the customer fills out the popup form.

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Give Suggestions for Other Related Content

Other related content suggestions can be included as internal links in your blog article. This method is very powerful to make users more involved in your website. Because, this method is known to be useful for increasing user visit time on your website and also increasing the number of pageviews.

This method can also help you find out how interesting the content you offer is so that users want to last longer and read other related content.

Make a Quiz or Poll

Tips on increasing user engagement is useful in knowing and understanding what your potential business customers want. A quiz or poll that can be easily and quickly filled in will definitely be able to further increase user engagement.

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Make sure the quiz or poll that you make is able to create insight about what customers want, and reviews about how your business is running. This method is good for lowering the bounce rate that your website might experience. Especially if the quiz that you make involves giving a gift and asking for an email at the beginning. You can double the bonus if you use this method.

Make a Data Analysis of Efforts That Have Been Done

You can try all the methods above, but all of these methods will not do you any good if you don’t find out what works and what doesn’t. That’s why it’s important to analyze data to find out which tips work well on your website.

You can try checking it with Google Analytics or other Analytics services to check conversions on your website. You can also find out which campaigns are performing well, so you can create similar campaigns later.