Tips to Increase Organic Website Traffic

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Tips to Increase Organic Website Traffic

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As a website manager, of course you know the legal obligation to have knowledge of SEO techniques to be able to increase traffic from your website. In addition, by applying appropriate SEO techniques such as SEO Advance techniques, you can also increase your website’s Brand Awareness. Here are tips for increasing your website’s organic traffic.

Conduct SEO Audit for The Website

Helping you to find out why your website does not get good traffic and enough sales is the task of SEO Audit. There are certainly many SEO companies that offer this audit service, but you can save a budget if you know the SEO Advance technique.

In general, auditing is an examination of concepts, results, or finances conducted to find out if your business is doing well? And what steps are appropriate to take to solve the existing problem. in the world of SEO, auditing itself will help you to devise a good strategy to attract and retain the customers you have.

Knowing What Visitors Want

The next SEO Advance technique is knowing what the visitor’s requests are. Sounds simple right? But by knowing what visitors want your website, it will certainly increase your Website Traffic. You don’t need to bother creating a lot of content if later on the content is not liked by the visitors.

How does it work? You can use other websites like Quora or UberSuggest to find out what many people are asking. That way you can create content including product articles or other concepts related to your website that are in accordance with the wishes of website visitors.

Creating an Optimized Landing Page

What is a Landing Page? Landing Page is a page where visitors will come when they click on an ad on a particular page or a search result. Landing pages that you, can be made to focus on only one topic, or a variety of topics.

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By designing a landing page well, it will be able to help you to increase and collect leads and sales for your website. Of course this SEO Advance technique you need to master in order to increase your website traffic. The more landing pages you create and own, the more doors you open to increase your website traffic.

Make a Website Mobile-Friendly

The next SEO Advance technique is that you must ensure that the website that you manage and own is mobile-friendly. Why should so? Yep, because today, many people often access a website from their smartphone. How exactly is the way to find out if your website is mobile-friendly or not?

You can open it on a smartphone, if the view given is a desktop browser version but with a smaller version, then your website is not mobile-friendly yet. If so, there will be impressions in other forms that match the browser on the smartphone. Of course this is very important so that the website has ease to be accessed through anywhere.

Use of Internal Deep Linking Techniques

Maybe you are wondering about this one thing. What is deep linking? Deep Linking is a technique that uses anchor text techniques to be able to link between these pages with other pages on your website or blog.

Just like ads that will increase your website traffic, using deep linking will also help you to increase page authority. This will greatly help your website to improve search ranking, even for difficult keywords. It’s a technique that you need to understand and have, in order to increase your website traffic.

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Use of Link Juice for Low Ranking Pages

What is the term for link juice? This SEO Advance technique is an outbound link from a website with high authority to reach your content. Of course with this one technique, you will be able to increase your website traffic easily and quickly.

You can take steps such as updating website posts, then sharing updated posts on social media, then linking them to each of your new posts. That way it will be easy to increase your post visits and increase your website traffic. Not only new posts but old posts will be read by others.

Content Optimization for RankBrain

To continue to increase your website traffic and improve search rankings on Google, you must fully understand the updates from the algorithm that Google has created. An important factor of Google’s algorithm is RankBrain. What is RankBrain algorithm? It is an algorithm of an artificial intelligence system that will help analyze a search result.

RankBrain will inform Google spiders, how to index your content based on the intentions that you do. This algorithm also studies the content that you have, how it relates to keywords, or relevant results. That way will help increase your website traffic.

By knowing the many tips and tricks and SEO Advance techniques, you will be able to easily manage and make your website visited a lot. Of course, with the application of good and consistent techniques, will create a good quality website.