Tips on How to Add a Youtube Viewer Up to 2x

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Tips on How to Add a Youtube Viewer Up to 2x

Tips on How to Add a Youtube Viewer Up to 2x

Tips on How to Add a Youtube Viewer Up to 2x

Viewers are very important for a YouTuber, especially beginners.

Unfortunately, increasing YouTube views is not as easy as imagined.

No matter how good the content is and no matter how many promotions you do, it is not necessarily that your YouTube views are the number you want.

So what is the effective and efficient way to increase YouTube viewers up to 2x?

Consider the following discussion to find the answer.

How to Add YouTube Viewer with Favorite Content

However, the video content you create is a factor that determines the number of viewers.

Good and quality content will certainly get a positive response from the audience and this will have an impact on YouTube’s search algorithm for the videos you upload.

Here are some tips for creating video content that will get a lot of viewers:

1. Aim for a niche that many YouTube users are interested in

There are several categories of YouTube videos that are in high demand.

Some of them include gaming videos, tutorials, traveling, reviews, pranks, and food.

For example, Ken & Grat achieved success through culinary videos.

or Handsome Backpacker with minimal budget traveling videos to India until it goes viral.

Although it does not guarantee that videos on these topics can increase the number of viewers to 2x.

If you apply this followed by the next important tips, it will be easier for you to get a lot of views than videos from a less desirable niche.

2. Focus on one topic or niche

After finding a video niche that is in high demand, you like, and according to your passion, the next step is to focus on one niche or topic that you have chosen.

Make videos on the same topic consistently.

Whether you choose topics about games, gadget reviews, music, and so on.

When viewers find that your video content is relevant to their interests and has added value for them, then they will definitely come back and of course, increase your YouTube viewers.

3. Associate With Topics That Are Viral

Apart from paying attention to the niche, you also have to be sensitive to topics that are trending or viral.

By following viral trends, you have the opportunity to get more viewers.

You may find it a little difficult to adjust the video according to the niche you choose with the trend that is viral.

But if you do it successfully, it will be easier for you to get more views.

Not sure about your abilities?

Hire an online video editing service to work with you. Nowadays you can easily find them on the internet.

4. Pay attention to the audio quality

As a beginner YouTuber, maybe what comes to your mind is to make videos with quality visuals to make them viral.

However, compared to video quality, audio is actually a very important factor to pay attention to.

As interesting as the content you create, without the support of good audio or sound, people will be lazy to watch your video content.

Moreover, with the YouTube Go application, nowadays more viewers choose to watch in the lowest video quality.

Ask for video editor services to make your audio and video quality more attractive and quality.

Especially if you have absolutely no video editing skills, are busy with other jobs, or don’t have sufficiently qualified equipment.

5. Collaborate with Other YouTubers

Collaborating can also be a very effective way to increase the number of views on YouTube.

You don’t have to always collaborate with famous YouTubers, you can also collaborate with other YouTubers who have the same niche as you.

Not only is it an effective way to add YouTube viewers, if your collaboration content is interesting and is still in discussion with your collaboration partner, this will automatically increase your number of subscribers.

Feel free to start creating collaborative content.

6. Create a video giveaway to attract an audience

This method of adding YouTube viewers does require a lot of expenses.

However, giving a giveaway can not only attract more viewers but also increase your social media subscribers and followers.

It doesn’t have to be expensive things, just adjust it to the topics discussed on your YouTube channel.

Those of you who are building a traveling channel, for example, can provide souvenirs from the city or country you have just visited.

Optimization of YouTube Search Results

It is the same as the Google search engine which uses a special algorithm.

YouTube can display a variety of videos that are relevant and best for its users using its own algorithm.

Therefore, to make your video content shine among thousands of other similar videos, while increasing the number of views, you must optimize your video exposure in YouTube search results.

Here are some ways to optimize YouTube search results that you can do:

1. Add Targeted Title, Tags, and Description

SEO does not only apply when managing a blog but also in managing a YouTube channel.

SEO optimization is important to pay attention to so that videos appear on the first page of YouTube search results.

So the next way to increase YouTube viewers is to optimize search results with titles, tags, and descriptions that the YouTube search engine likes.

In making the title, try to contain keywords that are relevant to your video content.

Don’t write a title that is too long, because it will make it difficult for search engines to recognize the type of content you are uploading.

But don’t be too short or short either. Make the title attractive, complete, clear, and concise.

For a description, make it one that contains useful information for the audience.

For example, you can write down information that isn’t explained in the video to help viewers better understand your content.

While writing tags, try not to use excessive tags.

Just write 2-3 tags that are relevant or according to your video category, for example, such as tutorials, education, and so on.

2. Use Attractive Thumbnails

Thumbnails are the thumbnails you usually see before watching YouTube videos.

Its function is to describe the content of a video.

Through this thumbnail, viewers can also find out whether the video is suitable or not with what they are looking for.

The way to increase YouTube viewers, which is also always applied by well-known YouTubers, is to create attractive special thumbnails.

Don’t use automatic thumbnails as YouTube randomly chooses when you upload a video.

Create attractive thumbnails that represent your content using an editor software such as CorelDraw or Photoshop.

If your videos have already been published using automatic thumbnails, you can still change them through the ‘Video Manager’ menu on your YouTube channel.

3. Set the YouTube Channel Homepage Layout

The convenience factor when the audience visits your channel also needs to be considered to increase the number of views on YouTube.

Therefore, don’t forget to set the homepage layout for your YouTube channel to make it more attractive.

By default, the YouTube channel display layout displays the latest video updates.

This will make your channel look normal. So, don’t forget to add a banner and profile photo.

4. Take advantage of the Annotations feature to “hold” viewers

One way to increase YouTube viewers that is no less effective is to suggest that your audience watch other videos of yours using the Annotations feature that YouTube has provided for free.

This method is very useful for “keeping” viewers on your channel.

You can find annotations on YouTube in several options, namely Note, Spotlight, Speech Bubble, Label, and Title.

To be able to create Annotations, you can access Creator Studio – Video Manager – Annotations, then create Annotations that best suit your taste.

Make sure that the Annotations you put on are not too exaggerated so that they don’t distract the audience.

5. Add subtitles to attract international viewers

Viewers are not only from within the country, so it doesn’t hurt to dredge viewers from foreign markets.

To make it easier for you to attract viewers from abroad, you can use the subtitle addition feature provided by YouTube.

To add subtitles, click on the “Subtitles / CC” icon on the right side of your video.

First set the language you want to target, then you can choose at least three different ways to add subtitles.

First, upload a pre-written transcript of the text or subtitle file that you have provided.

Second, paste the full transcript of the video, where the subtitle settings will be automatically adjusted by YouTube.

Third, manually type the subtitles in the column provided while watching your video.

For the third option, select “Pause video while typing” to simplify and speed up the process of writing subtitles.

6. Add Watermark To Protect Video

It is undeniable that many people want to be successful in an instant way, including when it comes to creating YouTube content.

Video theft is still rife recently, even though YouTube itself has implemented tough measures against re-uploaders.

So, make sure your video ownership is safe by adding a watermark.

In addition to preventing your video from being stolen by irresponsible parties, watermarks also help you to bring in viewers.

Viewers can easily recognize your video through the watermark.

They also find it easier to access your channel by clicking on the link that you link to the watermark.

Adding YouTube Viewer with Video Promotion

Videos that you upload on YouTube can be easily shared and embedded on social media or various other media, including blogs.

If fully utilized, of course, this can increase your YouTube viewer 2x with just a few clicks.

Two marketing strategies are widely used to increase the number of views on YouTube:

1. Embed Videos on External Sites

If you also have a blog, it doesn’t hurt to embed or embed videos into your blog articles or widgets.

It would be even better if your blog has the same theme as your YouTube channel.

Embedding videos on your blog allows you to get multiple viewers, namely direct viewers from YouTube and viewers who come from the blog.

2. Share to Social Media

Don’t forget to take advantage of your social media marketing strategy to promote your YouTube videos and channel.

Share your video on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Also, include a link to your video or channel in the bio or profile section to increase viewers.

Besides that, you can also share it on chat applications such as LINE or WhatsApp so that your friends watch the content that you have created.

This method is no less effective for increasing viewers in a short time.

So, those are some easy and free ways to add YouTube viewers. Are you interested in trying it? In order for your business to grow, don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your products so that later you can increase visitors on your online business portal. Froggy Ads is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. helps you target your desired marketing target and gives you many options to market your product.