Tips for Using In-Feed Video Content and Stories on Instagram Ads

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Tips for Using In-Feed Video Content and Stories on Instagram Ads

Tips for Using In Feed Video Content and Stories on Instagram Ads 1

Nowadays business people and marketers have a lot of choices in digital marketing, but among the many choices, not many can give the impression like a video ad on Instagram.

More than 2 million advertisers use Instagram to reach 1 billion active users monthly. There is currently an 80% increase in the duration spent watching videos on Instagram. This means advertising content in the form of videos will get greater benefits.

Instagram itself has various types of offering different video ad content placements, for example on in-feeds, Instagram Stories, Canvas, and Carousel. The following is how to use these types of content and the conditions you need to pay attention to.

In-Feed Video Ads

With a look and feel that is like a standard posting, this Instagram in-feed video ad can blend well into the audience feed display. This type of video ad offers a more natural way to reach your target audience.

Feed is a place where most Instagram users scroll and see some content there. In this place, the audience does not always interact with the content that appears there, because the audience is just scrolling and glancing. Because of this behavior, in-feed video ad content is the most ideal way to increase brand awareness.

Now many advertisers get higher engagement and sales when combining in-feed video ads with Instagram Stories. You also need to try it.

  • Usage Tips

Make video content that can blend naturally with Instagram Feeds, which means the video shouldn’t look too self-promoting.

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To increase engagement, use videos with content that can instantly grab the attention of your audience, and add value that is relevant or can help solve their problems. Avoid content that forces the audience to make a purchase.

Instagram Stories

Every day there are 400 million stories that are watched by Instagram users. With full-screen display, limited duration, and will disappear after 24 hours (unless saved), Instagram Stories can give its impression.

Instagram Stories provides a variety of unique features that advertisers can use to improve video quality, such as face filters, special video effects, various text variations, and much more. With the many customization options available, this can help you to produce ad content that is fun and interesting.

Instagram Stories produces a higher click-through rate (CTR) compared to in-feed video ads, with a lower cost per click (CPC) compared to other types of advertisements.

  • Usage Tips

Because Stories has a limited time (24 hours), this is the best way for you to provide offers and promotions with limited time. Call-to-action (CTA) comes with a very interactive swipe up feature – which can bring your audience to visit directly to your website or other destinations as you wish.

Always use Stories along with in-feed video ads to maximize brand awareness.

Video ads usually only run a few seconds, but you have the option to share videos for up to 60 seconds. Use the time available to inspire your audience.

Remember that 64% of Instagram users are aged between 18-29 years. And, according to Eventbrite, 78% of millennials say that they would rather spend their money to get a good experience/impression than anything else. So that advertising that can inspire will be a distinct advantage for you.

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