Tips for Success in Starting a Culinary Business with a Food Truck Concept

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Tips for Success in Starting a Culinary Business with a Food Truck Concept

Tips for Success in Starting a Culinary Business with a Food Truck Concept

Tips for Success in Starting a Culinary Business with a Food Truck Concept

One of the businesses that has not died until now is the culinary business. However, the intense business competition in this field makes business people have to rack their brains to make a breakthrough. Currently, the culinary business with a food truck concept is on the rise. Food truck itself is a type of business in the food and beverage sector, where all operational activities including preparation or cooking, serving, and selling are carried out in a large vehicle.

However, this high-turnover business also carries a business risk that is no less high and often leads to the bankruptcy of the business owner. Chairman of the Indonesian Food Truck Association (AFTI), Joko Waluyo said that the food truck concept business has good prospects. However, based on data found in the field, 20% to 30% of food truck entrepreneurs generally fail in the first two months of operation. Because the risk is high enough, you have to prepare everything carefully. Here are some tips you can learn when building this business.

1. Participating in Various Events & Bazzar

Events and bazaars are the most effective means of introducing your food truck business to the public. Even now there are often events and bazaars with the theme of food trucks. Although it is still a unique type of business in this country, it will be enough to attract the attention of potential customers to come and get to know it more closely. Besides, the food truck also does not require a very large location. Transactions can be made via a food truck and are quite fast.

2. Join the Community

Joining a particular community or association specifically for food trucks has many advantages. It will help you a lot when the business is experiencing various obstacles. Because the community or association will help direct its members to be successful in this business. You will also get a lot of lessons on tips for building this business from the very start selling. Joining the community will add to the experience and exchange ideas for having the same business.

3. Determine the location to sell

Although it is very flexible because food trucks can easily choose a location to sell. But still make sure that the location where you sell must be strategic, which is an area that is crowded with people. The most important thing is that there needs to be a match between the types of culinary offered with the consumer segment. Like if you sell modern food which is quite expensive, then you can sell on the pages of leading malls. Vice versa. These adjustments will help your culinary sales run smoothly.

4. Use Social Media for Marketing

You can use social media networks as a marketing strategy. By using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as a medium to introduce and promote your food truck. You can use social media to notify the location where your food truck is selling and to share promos that are currently in effect on that day.

For those of you who are looking for business ideas in the culinary field, there is nothing wrong with trying a food truck business concept like this. With the various benefits offered, the food truck business can be a very promising business opportunity. Since starting a food truck business is the same as any other business, you have to take everything into account.

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