Tips for Maximizing Hashtags in a Marketing Strategy

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Tips for Maximizing Hashtags in a Marketing Strategy

Hashtags or hashtags (#) must be familiar to you, right? Hashtags or fences (#) are now increasingly being used in social media Instagram and Twitter. Hashtags have a function like hyperlinks where they can be used to make it easier for other people to find related topics. Besides, hashtags can classify topics or themes in social media. Based on research conducted by Simply Measured, posts using hashtags can increase engagement by 12.6% higher than posts that do not use hashtags. So that in the business world, hashtags can be used in marketing strategies.

To use this hashtag is very easy, you don’t need to spend any capital. You only need to type the hash sign (#) and the topic or theme of the posted content. Therefore, in 2015 alone 97% of brands worldwide used hashtags in their marketing strategies. Then what about your business, if you already use hashtags? For your business to progress and not lose to competitors, you also have to maximize it.

4 Tips for Maximizing Hashtags in a Marketing Strategy

Here are some tips that you can try to maximize hashtags in your marketing strategy.

1. Make a Challenge or Challenge

Challenges or challenges are one way of making content go viral. Just look at examples like the one yesterday that went viral, namely the Kiki Challenge, the Falling Star Challenge, the Ice Bucket Challenge, and others. You can also create challenges for consumers. Make it an interesting challenge where the challenge must also include a hashtag.

For the challenge to be accepted by the community, you must also give rewards or awards if they complete the challenge. Besides, don’t forget to ask for email account information or the cellphone numbers of people who will take part in the challenge. Its function is to provide further information regarding the challenges given as well as a medium for promoting your brand.

2. Make a Hashtag Research and Plan

The second tip for creating hashtags as a marketing strategy is to plan and research content and hashtags that can increase brand awareness and traffic to the company’s social media. After doing your research then include it in a comprehensive plan. Also, adjust each content and hashtag to the characteristics of each social media. For example, videos for social media Facebook, photos for Instagram, articles for blogs, or anything else.

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3. Use Hashtags to Create Stories

Almost everyone likes to tell his story. So have them create a story that concerns your brand. Using stories will make your brand more engaging and the hashtags will make the person posting feel a part of it. That way indirectly, through other people’s hashtags also help you do marketing activities.

4. Use the Tailing Technique

Hashtags can be used as personal branding for your company. So you can take advantage of hashtags to introduce your business more widely. To do this, you can use the tail technique. This means that you can enter a hashtag that includes a business brand designed with a topic that is currently popular. For example, such as the phenomenon of the Jibab Aisyah model or Kaftan Syahrini. Remember this phenomenon? Aisyah’s headscarf appears in the film Ayat-Ayat Cinta because it is worn by the main character Aisyah. While Syahrini’s Kaftan appeared because Syahrini at that time often wore a kaftan so that just before Eid, Syahrini’s kaftan appeared. Such was the tailing technique intended.

2 Things To Look For In Using Hashtags

Hashtags are easy to use but in use, you also cannot be careless, especially if they are used for marketing strategies. So you should also pay attention to their use. 2 things to consider in using this hashtag such as:

1. Relevant

One of the functions of hashtags in a marketing strategy is to provide additional messages to customers who will get to know your brand better. So in use, you should choose a hashtag with words that are not too much. It is not wrong if you use the words exaggerated, but that is not relevant, right? So try to keep the hashtag info that you input relevant to one another.

2. Quantity

The second thing you need to pay attention to is the number of hashtags. You don’t want to include a lot of hashtags in your posts. However, that doesn’t mean you have to do a little. Just adjust the hashtag to the content topic. This is because the function of the hashtag itself is as a delimiter, grouping, or separator between one discussion or topic being discussed.

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Benefits of Using Hashtags in Marketing Strategy

For those of you who are still hesitant to use hashtags in your marketing strategy. Here are the benefits of using hashtags that you need to know:

1. Make it easier for the audience to find a brand

When you make a post, people who have become your friends can see your post. If you use hashtags in your brand posts, then everyone who is looking for the same topic information on social media will be able to read the posts you make. So you can save on marketing and labor costs, right? because the content that you create will automatically be found by people who search for it.

2. Make it easier to find target consumers

The second benefit of hashtags is that they help you find target consumers. As we know, one of the goals of the marketing strategy is to find as many target consumers as possible. Through this hashtag, you can easily get customers. For example, if you sell items such as makeup, then you can have the hashtag #makeup #eyeliner #lipstick #parfume #micelarwater, and so on. So that when people search for makeup, your shop post will appear and they can buy your product even though they are not your social media followers.

3. Make it easy to find a location

This hashtag will help your marketing strategy for a travel or traveling business because hashtags can make it easier for you to find locations. Just pin it #traveling #exploreindonesia then your business will become known to many people. Even if the content you share like photos or videos is very interesting it can go viral quickly.

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