Timothi Lim from The Doodle People – Red Hare Studios Games

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Timothi Lim from The Doodle People – Red Hare Studios


The Doodle Men and women is portion of a escalating market of company companies who find to apply sport design and style thinking and match progress capabilities into locations that are not just computer system video games. From instruction to artwork installations, the firm appears to be like at experimenting with new technologies to aid converse and visualise concepts greater. Timothi, Artistic Director at the organization, talks about his experiences in this space and his pursuit for innovation.

Examine out their web site – https://www.thedoodlepeople.com/

Q: Give the audience a quick introduction about oneself and your company. What is your part? What is The Doodle Individuals about? How did you sign up for the firm?

Hi there! My title is Timothi Lim and I build techniques of participate in that reignite curiosity and forge connections. On a each day foundation, I direct The Doodle Men and women workforce as a Innovative Director to create interactive ordeals with rising know-how these types of as Augmented Fact. The Doodle Folks is a imaginative technological innovation studio with a mission to hook up generations through engage in, and I joined them in 2019 when I returned to Singapore from the United States.

Q: How did the enterprise obtain its identify?

The Doodle People today was named by the co-founders Lynnette Ee and Soo Meng Lim, who collectively believed that all excellent tips get started with doodles. The act of doodling makes it possible for the intangible concepts in our brains to be visualised and catalysed into fact. With that belief Lynnette and Soo Meng set out as The Doodle Folks to help empower link and provide ideas to life.

The Doodle Folks starting up off by producing whiteboard animation assignments with firms like SMRT.

Q: What sort of customers or prospects do you typically perform with? What form of solutions do The Doodle Persons present?

The Doodle Folks begun in 2014 and generally worked with Marketing and advertising and Communications teams that sought to refresh and boost their external / internal communications through animation. Due to the fact 2019, we have developed to do the job with shopper solution corporations and platforms that look for to speedy prototype and deploy to sector their entertainment engineering ideas to get validated facts.

The Doodle People’s core company is the quick improvement of interactive ordeals these types of as games constructed with rising technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Truth, and increasingly Machine Understanding.

Q: Has it been complicated endorsing your expert services in Singapore? What worries did your organization face when it 1st begun?

Singapore delivers a really competitive and formulated tertiary sector that is in the vicinity of and expensive to my coronary heart. The restricted interdependence amongst personal and public organizations offers special difficulties for an SME like us. Private corporations are incentivised to adopt alternatives primarily based on grant/subsidy choices and bidding for public jobs is saturated.

In addition, the SEA region provides great offshore and outsourced software package enhancement built on standardised frameworks which provides both equally adaptability, scale, and of program included levels of competition.

Though there is an overdependence regionally on plug-and-engage in remedies, companies will have to innovate and examination new suggestions against the sector. This is where The Doodle Folks shines.


The Doodle Men and women labored with Horizon Group Usa and Walmart to develop an augmented actuality application that would enable the consumer to interact with chalk drawings.

Q: What are some of the company’s main vision and beliefs about implementing video game development procedures for far more than games?

A core perception is that we will need to engage in far more, specifically in our community Singaporean context.

In regular play, the objectives are generally set to “play to win” or to seek out a increased beneficial consequence for an specific self. Participate in doesn’t have to incorporate a KPI or an accomplishment. Participate in can be experimental and curious, accepting of failure, differentiation, and finally empowering progressive intellect-sets.

As this sort of, we frequently make use of severe-enjoy ideation and techniques to make the workflows furthermore frameworks desired to deploy our swift iteration strategies.

Q: What are your sights on AR and VR and its long run expansion?

Augmented Actuality, Virtual Fact, and the put together Blended Actuality are foundational to the integration of physical and digital realities. These systems can market unity for our global cultural and societal communities. They can generate connections on a complete new amount of being familiar with.

Just as world communities have related through digital social media, I consider that long run interactions will allow electronic and bodily interactions, allowing us to transcend our actual physical limitations of house.

A eyesight that has resonated with me is Microsoft Mesh’s eyesight of long term relationship – in which no make any difference where we are in the planet, we can also be collectively facet by facet and create.


A virtual classroom prototype was made with Get Games to convey understanding into the potential by creating on-line studying far more interactive.

Q: How does The Doodle Persons deal with funding and recruitment?

The Doodle Individuals manages equally by way of value alignment. As a business we do the job with associates, companies, buyers, and teams that align with our mission of connecting generations via play. The question of ‘why we create’ will allow to us to forge forward with self-confidence and produce opportunities with our associates globally.

Q: How does The Doodle Individuals cope with marketing and advertising for the manufacturer and its companies?

The Doodle People today operates on a B2B framework and conducts our advertising through case research, panels, workshops, and small business partners.

Q: What is your company’s do the job surroundings like? Any quirks or fascinating stories you would like to share?

Our company’s work natural environment is crafted as a inventive safe house that empowers the staff to interact in severe enjoy and speedy ideation devoid of the trappings of company red tape, KPIs and politics.

There is only a person KPI at The Doodle Folks and that is teamwork, defined as a blend of function emphasis, believe in, commitment, accountability, and reflection.

Our group also enjoys stuffed toys and regularly purchases stuffed toys to fill the business office with, lending a softer side to experienced operate and making a welcoming setting.


The Doodle People has also launched a small recreation on Steam known as Get Your Sheep With each other. Verify out the game below.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for graduates of activity faculties who are unable to locate a job in the video game business?

As a solo developer, create your individual online games to the fullest extent that you are capable of and publish them to a platform such as itch.io or Steam. Seek out to elicit suggestions from players, doc your enhancement, and share your enhancement tales in a community-experiencing capability these types of as as a result of Medium, Activity Developer or other creating platforms.

Connect with other developers by IGDA, SGGA, and social media these as Twitter to demystify activity development. As a result of the process of ideation, improvement, and finalisation, you will be ready to gain viewpoint on video video game development from a holistic standpoint.

You will hence be capable to give knowledge not attained from any school though additional refining your regarded strengths and weaknesses.

Q: If you have just about anything additional that you would like to talk about, truly feel totally free to incorporate them right here.

The Doodle Men and women has an outstanding 6-month compensated internship program! Our speedy advancement cycle sees client assignments full inside of 3-5 month cycles so all of our interns in the past two yrs have managed to place several publicly obtainable consumer work on to their resumes. This also means that within 6 months, all of our interns get to go by means of the whole process of ideation, improvement, and finalisation, primary to a total advancement encounter not often uncovered in other places.

If there are any learners that are intrigued in immersive media enhancement, please do contact us at get in touch [email protected]


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