Thunder Energies HyperCombustion Cited as Confirming Einstein’s Objections of Quantum Mechanics Benzinga : CHICAGO PIXELS

Dr. R. M. Santilli, Thunder Energies Chief Scientist, states: “The fossil fuel combustion currently used internationally is pretty much the same as that at the dawn of civilization 50,000 years ago as a result of we essentially strike a spark and lit the fuel.

All improvements were in brilliant the spark, but not in recovering the precept of combustion. Thunder Energies has been centered as a result of, at the dawn of the third millennium, we’ve got a duty of at least trying to improve the foundations of combustion to achieve a sustainable use of fossil fuels. The difficulties of such a duty originate from the fact that, in line with basic laws of quantum mechanics and chemistry, the identical electrons of the valence bond of fossil fuels should repel each other due to their same charge and cannot likely bond to form fuel molecules. The success of a pretty force between identical valence electrons in molecular bonds asked many years of experiences I initiated at Harvard University under U. S.

Department of Energy help in the early 1980s. These reviews ultimately cause a broadening ‘of completion’ of quantum chemistry much along Einstein’s 1935 objections to quantum mechanics see the monograph antilli 113. pdf. ”“This deeper knowing of molecular architecture of the fossil fuels has authorised the initiation of the advancement of our novel HyperCombustion for the finished combustion of fossil fuels that we stated in the inside track release of June 25, 2019, unlock and in other releases. These efforts were cited in the overseas free up as a result of HyperCombustion requires a ‘completion’ of quantum chemistry much along Einstein’s 1935 historical argument.

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