This Is The Purpose Of Commercial Advertising Created

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This Is The Purpose Of Commercial Advertising Created

This Is The Purpose Of Commercial Advertising Created

As one of the communication tools, advertising has many roles in conveying messages to the public. There are many commercial advertising goals to be made by the company, the most important goal is of course for consumers to take action on the product being sold.

Making an ad for someone who has a business is one of the important needs to support the movement of his business. Various types of advertisements can be made for the interests and needs of the short term, medium term and long term.

As in the management system, in making a good ad also requires the entire process which includes the preparation, planning, implementation and supervision of advertising delivery. In the process the company can create the most attractive advertisements, choose the right media so that the audience can easily find out what products are offered.

There are many reasons why a business entity must make advertising, this reason certainly can not be separated from the objectives of advertising itself. We reiterate again, the ultimate and ultimate goal of various reasons in making a true ad is only one namely; Encourage consumers to buy what is advertised continuously and continuously.

To achieve these main objectives, there are several things that support it so that the purpose of advertising can work optimally. The objectives are as follows:

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1. Adverts to introduce brands, products and companies

“Do not know then do not love”, these words of wisdom are indeed very relevant to the purpose of advertising made, namely to introduce brands, products or companies to consumers. From this introduction, it is hoped that consumers can love the products offered.

If you are starting a business with a new product, to be known by the market does need special attention. Ad design must be made consistently. All promotional media used must use the same design style. This is useful so that advertising is more effective in introducing the identity of products and companies.

Corporate identity or often called Corporate Identity, is a corporate identity that is used to distinguish between one company and another company. The identity of this company can also function as an image investment so that it has an appeal to consumers. Corporate identity is built based on organizational philosophy and corporate culture.

The nuances, colors, font types, logos and designs created in product advertisements represent the company as much as possible. For example, advertising a bank in Indonesia under the name BCA, in print and electronic advertising media will use the dominant color dark blue, the typical color of Bank BCA.

Presenting typical ads continuously and consistently in a certain time duration will be able to be faster in the minds of consumers. Strive to introduce new products, advertising must be able to steal the public’s attention.

2. Encourage prospects to try

Ads that have been introduced to the audience and delivered with persuasion, will be able to encourage them to try to use the products or brands offered. From the experience of using this product, consumers will compare with similar products on the market.

If the product offered is indeed “different” from competing products, of course this will be an attractive opportunity for the company. Companies can continue to encourage consumers to take action to buy and become loyal customers.

3. Support the occurrence of sales transactions

The occurrence of product purchase transactions by consumers is one thing that is expected by the company through advertising. This can happen when consumers already know the product, can already distinguish the product with the property of competitors, and have tried directly / indirectly products in the form of services and goods made.

Recommendations from people who have tried and used the product are also an important factor for consumers to make purchases of products made by the company.

4. Used to announce new ways of utilization

An advanced business is a business that can always innovate and can keep up with the times. With advertising, companies can announce to consumers about the innovations that have been made and also inform new ways of utilizing the products that have been developed.

There are many examples of the same products but can “enrich” themselves with various new features. For example mobile products that used to only be able to call and text only, are now increasingly sophisticated equipped with various other functions.

5. Adverts to Position

In addition to introducing products to consumers, advertising can also be used to position products in the minds of consumers.

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This is where the important role of advertising in building positioning, namely the ability to position products by differentiating themselves (differentiated) with competing products.

6. The purpose of advertising is to improve the image

The image of the product, brand, and company is one of the things that is very important to build, because this is very closely related to consumer confidence in the brand, product or company. With a good image, companies usually find it easier to attract a wider market, easy to build customer loyalty, and of course increase sales of their products.

Building a company image can not only be done with advertising alone, there are many factors that influence the merits of the company’s image. But at least advertising can be made as one of the elements that will help improve the image.

7. Foster customer loyalty

Having loyal customers to products made by the company is one of the most valuable assets. To foster customer loyalty to the product can be done in many ways, one of which is by advertising.

By advertising intensely, consumers will always be reminded of the existence of products. This will also strengthen the presence of loyal customers, customers feel confident that the brands and products they have used are still available in the market.