This is how to create your own online store website with WordPress

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This is how to create your own online store website with WordPress

This is how to create your own online store website with WordPress

A good business is a growing business. This stage has been maintained from time to time. It’s just that there is still a difference. For example, if the consumers prefer to shop offline, now prefer to shop online. Therefore, businesses must make a breakthrough including presenting online stores. Well, this article discusses how to create an online store website.

There are various ways taken to create an online store website. In this article more specifically how to create an online store website with WordPress. One of the websites is most often processed to be used as a business website. Its interesting features and templates that many choices make this a provision for business people.

Therefore, business people must really know how to create an online store website with WordPress. Check here, huh.

How to Make a Website Online Shop with WordPress

There are five things you need to learn, namely:

1. Prepare domains and hosting

When you plan to want to create an online store website, there are two things that need to be considered. First, you need to think of a domain name. What is meant by a domain is the name or address listed on the website. Like:,, or

Second, you need to make sure where hosting is suitable on the website. Hosting is a kind of service that is intended by a website and is used to store various data. Starting from photos, videos, pictures, articles, and so on. He will provide storage space and server that can be shared. It can even be managed alone.

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The selection of hosting must be completely appropriate for theft of data, burglary, and website delay.

2. Install WordPress.

After you hold a hosting selection then determine the domain name, which is then installed WordPress. However, not only that, but you need to install the Content Management System (CMS). He is a website processing machine. If you choose the right hosting, usually they have provided a variety of easy features. This is sought so that you can install quickly.

3. Set the layout

How to make the third online store website is you need to set the layout as much as possible. Layout is one reason why your website is more visited. With an interesting layout and has a unique concept, there will be a traffic increase on your website.

To find out the good layout, you can see the competitor’s website. You can see which one doesn’t exist on their website. Setting layout for business websites usually consists of various columns. Among them: catalogs, how to order, payment methods, shipping services, check shipping costs, and others.

4. Install the WooCommerce plugin

When you create an online store website then you usually only manage content. Therefore, you need to get additional features, namely WooCommerce plugin. This is useful for managing the layout. In addition, you can also see the listing of sales stocks to sales transactions.

You don’t need to worry when installing the WooCommerce plugin. Because, there is no fee and what you get more than enough with this plugin.

5. Add the product

This is how to create the last online store website. After going through these four processes, you need to add products on the website. You can sort then choose and put superior products or the most sought-after products. You can upload it one by one. However, if you want to upload all products, use the available features.

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6. Integrate with Payment Gateway

After creating an online store, of course you want to receive payments from your customers. For this reason, you can integrate the payment gateway at your online store.

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