This is a 5 non-cash payment tool that is a trend

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This is a 5 non cash payment tool that is a trend

This is a 5 non-cash payment tool that is a trend

This is a 5 non cash payment tool that is a trend

The 21st century was marked by changes in the business world. If it used to use money as a cash payment tool, now no longer. People start using non-cash payment tools.

Why does it happen?

This is nothing but the development of technology that is getting faster. When transacting, customers no longer need to go to the bank. Customers simply use mobile banking, internet banking and atm.

However, not all customers understand how to use non-cash payment tools. Therefore, this article seeks to explain in detail what non-cash payment tools in Indonesia.

There are several types of non-cash payment tools that need business people know including:


This is one of the non-cash payment tools that have received verification from Bank Indonesia. Check is a kind of paper given by someone as proof to the bank to become a payment tool. The numbers that have been listed there are numbers for disbursement to the customer.


Giro is a non-cash payment tool similar to checks. If the check contains a kind of paper written number then searched for the customer, the giro is a little difference. The numbers listed on paper are not to be disbursed but are transferred to other customers. So, from one account to another account.

Credit card

This is one of the non-cash payment tools that are quite well known to the public. Its use is very easy and useful for many people. So, no wonder both customers and business people have a credit card.

The advantage is the value of the transaction you make will be calculated in a certain period. For example a period of a month. However, the shortcomings are the limitations so you need to know how much transaction value has been done.

Debit debt

The process is almost similar to a credit card. Equally do debt, then calculated. However, the difference lies how you do debt. You need to go to the bank. Then, the bank will provide a kind of paper. Well, you have to write it and give back to the bank to be processed.

Eletronic money

This is a non-cash payment tool that is becoming a trend among the community. Electronic money or commonly called e-money has become a necessity in the business world. They don’t need to bother saving or preparing cash in the wallet. Because, the wallet used is an electronic wallet.

There are many companies that provide electronic money. Like go-pay, ovo, just link, and funds. With all the advantages, in the future, people will no longer carry cash. Because, everything can be done with electronic money.

These are the five non-cash payment tools that you need to know. If you are a Millennial generation, no stranger to the use of credit cards or electronic money. For the latter, currently in various offline stores have received its presence. So it is true that someday all offline stores will use electronic money as a payment tool that suits the needs of the times.

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