Things You Need and Don’t Need to Do in Internet Marketing

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Things You Need and Don’t Need to Do in Internet Marketing

Things You Need and Dont Need to Do in Internet Marketing 1

Businesses that depend on internet marketing often need lots of advice on what needs to be done so that the business grows. However, because of the many suggestions that come in, you are often confused to determine which suggestions need to be taken.

To make things easier, here are Things You Need and Don’t Need to Do in Internet Marketing that you need to understand well:

Landing Page

A landing page is a special page created to accommodate the traffic that comes from your ad. Do not have a special landing page can make your website a heavy burden and make the impression your website is not well ordered. Besides, this can also confuse consumers who come from advertising.

Do: make a special page separate from the main page of the website for all types of advertising and marketing traffic.

Don’t: make a link from the ad to the main page of the website. This will make your ad as if it has no connection. Even though the traffic should have been directed to a specific landing page.


In internet marketing, content is everything. In the end, what your website visitors will see is content.

Do: make content focused on consumers. The content created should be able to make visitors interested and can benefit from the content.

Don’t: talk too much about yourself. Sharing experience is necessary, but if there is too much of it, especially if it goes away from the topic of the content, the audience might leave your page.

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Content and Ad Linkage

Content and advertising are like lives in internet marketing. What does it mean to advertise without supporting content? Your ad might be considered a scam. The content here also serves to describe the ad in more detail, so the audience better understands what you mean.

Do: use the same language and focus between the ad and the content created. Remember that the two have a close relationship.

Don’t: advertising and content are not related to each other, whether headlines, sub-headlines, or the content as a whole.

Benefits for Consumers

The focus of discussion in marketing should talk about what benefits consumers will get when they use your product.

Do: talk about the advantages, benefits, and functions of the products you offer. Prove that your product can solve the problem that is being faced by consumers.

Don’t: talk too much about specifications or other technical matters. This is necessary, but this is not an ideal subject for your ad or content.


Visuals play an important role in giving a fuller perception to the audience. The presence of photos or other visual content can also provide a different color, so visitors do not easily feel bored on your website.

Do: show the best photos of the products offered. Use professional services if you cannot produce quality photos.

Don’t: use low-quality photos, photos that have been used a lot in previous content, or photos taken alone that don’t look professional.

The website

The purpose of creating a website is to make it easier for consumers to access the information they need, so this should be a top priority.

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Do: make a simple display and easy navigation. Thus the audience can access all the information they need easily.

Don’t: the look of the website is too complex, the navigation system is unclear, too many advertisements, and the use of too many outbound links.

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