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Hey Ammar,You discussed that Adsense has stopped accepting functions on web pages which might be in accordance with money making, marketing articles. Sorry to say that it’s completely untrue coz my website is according to money making and I got my Adsense approved within 47 days of beginning the blog. My blog has just 10 posts about 1000 views and 1 comment. So I think remember to doubtless remove the part where you said that because a month back when I was going to apply for Adsense, I chanced on this text.

And I was on the verge of deleting my blog and beginning an alternative, but whatever made me surrender that mind. Thank You!So, does Adsense check the content on your blog, youtube channel or something before approving it?I had the effect that the review rather was computerized i. e. that the one thing that was checked was how much site visitors that you simply had and and never that the content was good, didn’t come with prohibited content material etc. I have heard thoughts of how ads from decent companies were shown together with and thereby sponsoring youtube videos showing hateful speech, violence, slaughter of animals etc.

Any idea if that is more like urban legends or if the issue is that folks start with decent channels or blogs etc. and after having been authorised, change them into sick things?Does Adsense keep checking that you just don’t change your account into something that breaks their rules?Hi, I was just wondering if you had any advice. I have recently started a blog 2 months and tried to apply for adsense, but i don’t even reach the purpose where i get rejected. I just get told that this URL is not available to register to adsense. I checked on the google tool that shows you the way your ads can be shown and that was fine, so we haven’t been banned.

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My site was on WordPress. com and we was advertisements through google there. But when we migrated over to . org. we found that the Url was unavailable.

I were forced to use for media. net, which has been standard. However i do not like the design and in addition the double click method that they employ. I was just thinking about if you have got any advice. CheersDaveAll in all a fine post!Some things have changed when it comes to being permitted by Google Adsense, and it’s quite odd how Google approves ads.

I have seen some awful sites that go towards everything in this article that are appearing Adsense ads, and have talked to people that have aged blogs with lots of pleasant content material and a good layout that have got rejected, some more than once. I don’t think that any one is absolutely sure the EXACT requirements to getting authorized by Adsense. But I think your article is definetely a great beginning point to getting authorised!And btw, my blog blogger blog was began at first of this month February 2017 and I have 29 blog posts, a great layout, and satisfactory content!However, I don’t have a privacy policy or an about page, and my blog STILL got accredited. But great article!Sure, for people who live in Europe or individuals who live in USA, German, France,only 10 post not quite well design, only sooner or later apply Adsense it will be pass,and straightforward to get account, but for small nation like Cambodia we are looking to apply more than 1000 times always say reject sorry your website, or blog, doesn’t agree to our software. – and after get approve, when fee reached 1000$ up would be disable without any reason. They will say u are broke the rule of thumb, they have 1000000 reason for closed our account easily, in order that why i stop use Adsense.

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– most of folks here in Cambodia they are doing growing Google Adsense USA or Germany Account, they say it easy to use… but i suspect that they’re prejudice for some of poorly country,Hi, my name is Jasmine and I wanted to commend you for the recommendation that you just shared in this post. I started my travel based blog on July 3, 2016 and applied for Google Adsense last Friday 7/15 and was approved in lower than 24 hours!I am proof that you simply don’t necessarily have to wait 6 months. I do live in the States so I don’t know if that is a variable but I gave it a shot and got a reply rather easily. My first week views hit about 200 views based off of Google Analytics and my daily posts are per about 500+ words. I don’t have a glamorous web page, in fact the one ornamental sign is my name logo I did on Adobe Photoshop, but it is organized.