They’ll buy when they trust McLellan Marketing Group

This is an incredibly crucial message for nonprofits, extremely those that trust themselves “grass roots” regardless of being a part of a much larger organization. 501 c3 s are firms, but boards of the grass roots kind at the local levels are likely operating boards of volunteers who want to do “good stuff” and don’t have paid staff. They likely also call to mind advertising as an “unwanted person/association,” calling to sell them anything they don’t want. Board contributors bristle at the term “advertising and marketing” and thing it’s NOT necessary.

Fundraising languishes. If one time ads doesn’t herald bags of cash, participants, or partnering opportunities, that’s all the proof their boards are looking to check that “advertising and marketing doesn’t work. ” There’s little turnover in these boards, and altruism prevails; but the agencies fall very short of serving the numbers of individuals they can.

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