These Reasons Why User Experience is the Key to Digital Marketing Success

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These Reasons Why User Experience is the Key to Digital Marketing Success

These Reasons Why User Experience is the Key to Digital Marketing Success 1

Nowadays most people access the internet in almost every activity, whether it’s relaxing, on the bus, waiting in line at the bank, and so on. People access the internet for various reasons, whether it’s shopping online, finding answers about something, or booking hotels and plane tickets. In carrying out all these activities, user experience (UX) plays a crucial role.

UX is considered ideal if it is able to provide an easy navigation experience, transaction process that is not long-winded, easily digestible content, simple website display, and compatible with the appearance of mobile devices.

Nearly 79% of consumers choose to look for other websites when the websites they visit don’t meet their expectations, especially in terms of UX. This means, you have to optimize UX from now on to achieve success in digital marketing.

The following are some of the benefits that you can get if your website has an ideal UX:

User Experience in the Mobile World

The increased use of smartphones has changed the way people see, buy and interact online. Mobile devices now account for 65% of the total time spent on the internet. Meanwhile, mobile device users are five times more likely to close a website if the website is not optimized for their device. As such, if you run a business, this can have huge losses in conversions, or even damage your brand’s reputation.

Although mobile devices dominate, it does not mean that desktop computers are no longer relevant. Some e-commerce transactions still take place on a PC, and as such, a balanced multi-platform strategy also needs to be implemented in order to produce high conversions on both mobile and desktop devices.

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UX Is More Than Just Usability

According to American professor and statistician Edward Tufte, “confusion and chaos are caused by design failures, not attribute information”. This relates to UX as a whole, and when you try to stand out from competitors, one of the best ways to do this is to be clear, concise, and easily accessible to your target audience.

While usability or functionality is an important component of UX. The functional element is only a small part of the overall UX because it focuses on things at the surface level. While UX digs deeper whether a page or piece of content meets user needs. Overall, UX determines how a brand speaks to its consumers and conveys the message it wants to convey effectively.

Very Important Content for UX

One of the best ways to get your message across to your audience is to publish content that is truly useful to them. According to Quick Sprout, 82% of people like to read relevant content from company blogs, while 71% of online publishers claim that content optimized for mobile devices can significantly increase engagement.

A copy that is well made and optimized for search engines is one of the main elements to produce a good user experience. This not only makes your website rank well, but also provides informative and useful answers.

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