These 3 Digital Marketing Trends in 2020, Are You Ready?

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These 3 Digital Marketing Trends in 2020, Are You Ready?

2019 is a very busy year for many marketers. With dozens of new marketing technologies flooding the market, hundreds of online courses on mastering marketing, and thousands of marketing videos, predicting digital marketing trends in 2020 can be a very difficult job.

According to Business 2 Community, a pioneer of MarTech space, a community organizer in New York with more than 20 thousand members from successful digital marketing agencies around the world, they (Business2Community) predict a trend that will explode in 2020.

Predictive Marketing

Today we live in a digital era with abundant data. People engage with brands through multiple channels, consume content in unstructured ways, and do research before making a purchase decision.

Predictive marketing is an attempt to make sense of all of these unstructured interactions, by looking at existing patterns of positive data, adjusting them, and anticipating their results.

More and more large platforms have started talking about predictive analytics and predictive lead scores on their blogs and podcasts. This means that a lot of research and development (R&D) is being done to support this capability, not only for large-scale businesses but also for small businesses.

According to GlobeNewswire, the size of the predictive analytics market is expected to reach $ 10.95 billion by 2022.

Many businesses have invested in this technology, for example, hotels and resorts can predict the expected number of guests on a particular day or event.

E-commerce businesses have also made use of predictive data, such as previous purchase history, consumer preferences, and consumer clicking behavior. Amazon, for example, they can detect when it’s ready to buy, then provide highly relevant product recommendations via email or through their browser extension called “Amazon Assistant”.

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Smarter Ad Bidding

According to Emarketer, Google and Facebook rank highest among other platforms in terms of revenue from advertising – $ 103.73 billion (Google) and $ 67.37 billion (Facebook), respectively.

Their competition in 2020 is to get their users to get the most out of their spend through smarter ad bidding.

Indeed, ads bidding is not something new, but the two giants are getting creative with new options. For example, Google recently announced at the 2019 Google Marketing Live event that automated ad bidding was smarter and used machine learning to optimize specified ad targets.

Smart automated bidding also includes various types of bidding strategies such as target CPA, target ROAS, maximize conversions, and increased CPC. Advertisers can use one of these strategies at the campaign level, group level, or portfolio level.

Structured SEO Data

Recently, Google has prioritized “rich snippets” of search results across all of their platforms and devices, allowing visitors to get all the information they are looking for very quickly (without having to click on a website in the search results).

According to the Path Interactive study, among people aged 13 and 18, 40% of them got what they were looking for through rich snippets.

This Google effort will drive more click-through rates and will dramatically lower the bounce rate. The technical implementation of these rich snippets is a large part of the so-called structured data and “Schema Markup” which are expected to be the main focus of SEO talks in 2020.

The good thing about Schema Markup is that it is not something difficult to implement. With lots of great plugins on platforms like WordPress and Shopify, Schema Markup will be easier to configure, even without technical knowledge.

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