The x Banner large rectangle Getting The Most From This Format

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One of the challenges in using this unit effectively is handling the impact on user event. Thisis a large unit, even on a computer device. Placing distinctive units of this type above the fold has anrisk of better bounce rates friends immediately leaving and will run afoul of search engine ruleswhich penalize sites with excessive advertising above the fold. This unit also tends to a very goodplacement for premium display CPM advertisers, so be careful about visibility rates for this unit. None of those are always roadblocks just proceed with caution, ensure that you do have very strongcontent hooks to maintain the user interested, and watch your analytics data andsearch engine scores for any signs of trouble.

This is a sturdy unit and can work well in lots of locations. Here are some recommended tweaks to get your began. First, test flipping the unit from the correct to the left side of the page. This accomodates the regular readingpattern of Western readers, who read from from left to right. Advertising placements on the left often do better. If you have got two sidebar ads, agree with mixing the sizes one Large Rectangle, one smaller rectangle or skyscraper.

This is intended to shake up the bidding pastime for the units. Along a similar lines, look for alternatives to embed your 336 x 280 units into the content material. This would contain losing theunit into a div aspect and floating that element left or right within the text. Nothing succeeds like excess um, to a degree. Consider trying out this units big brother, the300 x 600 banner. This can provide you a small boost in CTR though both units are fairly large and dominate the page.

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