The way SEO for SMEs and business startups

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The way SEO for SMEs and business startups

The way SEO for SMEs and business startups

The way SEO for SMEs and business startups

“SEO is an effort to increase visibility on search engines” – Rhein Mahatma

For those of you who have just started an online business, getting a high ranking on search engines is a purpose. You certainly want your website to appear on the first page when someone enters and looks for keywords related to your business on search engines.

Maybe now, you are familiar with the term SEO or Search Engine Optimization. As quoted above, Rhein Mahatma, founder of online stores says that SEO is an effort or effort to increase visibility on search engines. Various SEO techniques that you apply on your website have one goal, namely so that your website appears on the search results page.

So far maybe you have often read various articles on how to optimize your site so that your site gets a high ranking on search engine search results pages like Google or Bing. In this article, we will discuss what SEO factors need to be considered in making a website for SMEs and startup businesses.

Before starting, maybe you ask why you need to optimize your website to be a friendly search engine? In various surveys, SEO is said to be the most customer acquisition channel. With a good effort, SEO can help to produce a 10-15% customer.

Of course, SEO has advantages and disadvantages. SEO is weak in terms of brand awareness when compared to social media. If you want to increase brand awareness, social media like Facebook or Instagram will be more helpful for you. Why? Because so that your brand appears in search results, people must use the right keyword or keywords you choose to become the focus of your business keyword.

Meanwhile, you can use Social Media to interact with consumers and consumers directly. This is a form of brand experience that can help to increase consumer trust in your brand.

Even so, SEO is superior in terms of conversion. Of course, increasing the Conversion Rate is one of the business goals so that implementing SEO techniques on your website can help these goals.

Some surveys also show that content marketing is the most effective marketing activity in a business. To create effective content marketing, you certainly need SEO so that your content is seen by many people.

Besides, in a survey conducted at 4000 eCommerce practitioners, they said they received a lot of traffic from Organic Search. To be able to get organic search, of course, you need to optimize your site with SEO techniques so that your website ranking is increasing and your visibility increases on the search results page.

Besides, there is one online marketing technique that is often used by online businesses, namely Paid Search Advertising. Paid Search Advertising is a marketing process to get more visibility in the search engines either by using paid traffic.

To do this, business owners use an internet marketing model called PPC (Pay-Per-Click). Business owners will pay every time one of their ads is clicked. This is a way to buy a visit to your site, rather than trying to “get” the visit organically.

In general, an online business will do more PPC in its first year to increase traffic and brand awareness. Because of that, ordinary advertising costs are higher at the beginning of the business. Meanwhile, in the second year and so on, Traffic will come more from organic search (which is certainly obtained from SEO) and social media.

Important SEO factors for SMEs and startup businesses

SEO is an outline that does have the same factors and techniques. But if you do SEO for a website an SME or startup business, there are several factors that you must pay further attention to you get the results you want.

1. Your business time

The first question you have to ask when you want to start the application of SEO on your website is how long you plan to do this business.

This is an important question because it needs to be remembered that SEO effort takes time and you are also likely to just see the results for a long time. For content can get visibility on search engines, it can take up to two to two years.

2. Brand Building.

In the internet world, the results of brand building can be seen from the Direct Traffic obtained. For example, currently, in Indonesia, more and more people visit the domain when they will buy airplane tickets. This is what is meant by Direct Traffic.

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With Content Marketing

To help you in Brand Building, you are advised to create the best content in your industry, depending on expertise and budget.

It should be noted that quality content is one way to get Google’s attention. The concept, Google will help you get a high ranking on the search results page. But you have to make good content for Google’s audience. If you want to know how to make good content.

Besides, you are also recommended to create long content (at least 600 words in one article). If you present longer content on your website, website visitors will be on your website for a longer time.

The duration of someone is on your website does affect the ranking of your site on the search results page. If the website visitor spends a long time on your website, the ranking of your site in search engines can increase.

To help make it easier for your website readers so they can search what they need or search from your long article, you can enter the table of contents at the beginning of each article. This will certainly help readers.

Another thing that can affect SEO is an actionable page. Have a page on your site, where someone can click a link, for example, to download exclusive content of your website, can affect your ranking on search engines.

3. Research keywords that suit your business

You must know what keywords are used by people to look for the items or services you offer. For example, you sell a soccer jersey. You can use Google Keyword Planner to view the keywords related to the jersey ball that people often use.

You can download the results of Google Keyword Planner. You can sort in Excel to see which keyword is widely used and which you should use for your business website.

After that, enter this keyword in Home, Product Category, Product Details, Product Naming, File File Name, Title, Meta Description, URL, Anchor Text for Internal Links, or naming your blog category.

Don’t forget to use synonyms from the keywords and keywords related to your keyword target (often also called the term LSI keyword) on your content or even your product page.

Do the following so that your keyword performance is better:

Start Research Keyword

In Research Keyword, you are advised to start with buying intention keyword. For example, you sell cameras. Of course, buying intention keywords are cameras, digital cameras, DSLR cameras, and so on.

You can start there, then use keyword browsing, more specific keywords such as selling digital cameras, selling mirrorless cameras, selling Nikon D700 cameras, and the like.

Find keyword information used by competitors

To find keyword information used by competitors, you can use tools such as Alexa or Keyword Revealer. Using the keywords used by competitors can help you increase visibility in your target market.

Find out what topics are searched by your target buyer

Looking for topics that are sought by target buyers can help you in planning and manufacturing your website content. To see this, you can use a tool like Bloomberry.

By creating content that matches the keywords or topics you are looking for by your target buyer, of course, they are likely to find your website from search results or certain topics will be higher.

Use the Longtail keyword that has a high search volume but has low competition (high volume search, low competition)

Looking for keywords that are indeed not easy. One easy way so that you can withdraw traffic is to use a keyword that has a high search volume or search volume but has a low competition or low competition.

Besides, for those of you who already have much content on your websites such as blog posts or product pages, try finding keywords that have been ranking but don’t have a good ranking even though the search volume or the volume of the search is large. Maybe you can replace it with keywords that have high search volumes but have low competition.

To search for the keyword, you can use the Ezkeyword tool to facilitate your keyword research process. From the keywords that you find from research, you are advised to make many articles for your Longtail keyword.

Create Evergreen Content and Seasonal Content

What is meant by Evergreen Content is the content that will always be relevant, no matter the time. For example, how to increase followers on Instagram or how to create an online store. People don’t need a special time to look for topics like this.

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Meanwhile Seasonal Content or seasonal content is the content made by adjusting the contents of your content with an event that will take place soon. For example, the year-end promo or national day-content-content discount like this is certainly just relevant at times of approaching the event alone and will be considered expired or expired after the event is complete.

Maybe you are wondering, what content should you make? You may make these two types of content. Both types of content can help build backlinks to your site and improve engagement in your social media. Of course with interesting and relevant content, increasing engagement in social media will be easier.

Take advantage of the keyword to start your business

Keywords can not only be used to optimize your website content or product content. They can also be used to find ideas or determine what niches you want to try for your business.

Of course, if you are looking for a niche with a variety of many keywords, it will be easier to create content related to your business to increase traffic and conversion rates later.

Besides, you can also use keywords to find business ideas for the future. For example, Phillip Morris, the company owner of Marlboro launched Iqos, an electronic smokeless cigarette.

This product has not been crowded in several countries, so if you want to try to sell this product, you have the opportunity to increase the visibility of your business website by using this keyword when this product launches in these countries.

4. Backlink

Rhein Mahatma has personal rules for backlinks, namely:

  • Create the best content first you can get backlinks
  • Wake up first internal links you just look for backlinks from other websites
  • Build Direct Traffic First Looking for Outdoor Backlinks
  • Backlinks can indeed help your visibility but you will not be able to get quality backlinks if the content on your site is less quality and less attractive.

There are several types of backlinks that you can get, such as:

  • Social network
  • Blogging
  • Forum posting
  • Article Submission.
  • Press release
  • Video promotion
  • Blog Comment
  • Directory Submission
  • Social Bookmark
  • Wiki

The best backlink source is websites that are often referred to as Authority Websites or Authority sites. The website categorized as the Authority Website is a high-quality website that is respected by knowledgeable people in the industry.

This is a site that has very good content and makes this site very useful so people love to visit and want to share them with their friends. Authority sites publish information that can be trusted and connected to other trusted places on the web.

If you want to increase your website ranking on Google, there are several websites that Google preferably if you get backlinks from these websites:

  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • Dailymotion
  • Flickr.
  • Yahoo! Groups.

You can also get other backlink sources from the sites below:

Social Media: Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, Google+, StumbleUpon, Tumblr

Graphic: Visual.Lu, Storify, Behance

Academic Journal:,,

Wiki: Wikipedia, wikiHow

Presentation (links are in presentation or files): Scribd, Google Docs, Slideshare

Website Q & A: Quora,


Video-Sharing Website: YouTube, Dailymotion

5. On-page SEO for a website a business

As mentioned earlier, enter the keywords you are targeting or relating to your business in the URL, Title, and Meta Description you are one of the SEO techniques that must be done.

Besides, don’t forget to use LSI keywords or synonym keywords and keywords related to your content so that you don’t get a penalty from Google because it uses too often using the same keywords.

Even though the content is like a blog post important to attract traffic, your product page is no less important.

In addition to some SEO tip for the above SMEs, so that your business is growing and increasing the number of customers you don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your product, so that later you can increase visitors on your online business portal. FROGGY ADS is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. Helps you target the targeting target you want and give you many choices to market your product.