The Variable Politics of the Policy Process: Issue Area Differences and Comparative Networks The Journal of Politics

The politics of policy issue areas differ in a couple of ways, adding the venues where guidelines are enacted, the frequency and kind of policy advancement, the relative significance of different circumstantial elements in policy change, the composition of members in policymaking, and the structure of issue networks. The alterations cannot be summarized by typologies as a result of each issue area differs considerably from the norm on just some distinct qualities. To understand these commonalities and differences, I combination guidance from 231 books and 37 articles that review the history of American home policy in 14 issue areas from 1945 to 2004. The histories collectively uncover 790 first-rate policy enactments and credit 1,306 actors for his or her role in policy development. The politics of each issue area stand out in a few vital but unrelated points.

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