The ultimate Guide to Promote CPA Offers with Megapu. sh Push Notification Network

One of one of the best ways to remain just before your competition in CPA Marketing company is to always adapt to new trends, Technologies and site visitors resources. A smart affiliate marketer always looks for brand spanking new opportunity instead of looking forward to one. I were attempting to find new site visitors sources for the past few months now in particular in the overseas market, I have been twiddling with push notifications for ages now and use them for my blog in addition On computing device that you may see the red bell icon on bottom right or on mobiles you could see a prompt asking to your permission to send you notifications. In simple words push notifications is a message or a prompt that pops on a mobile device or within your browser.

A few common examples are should you obtain a new message on your WhatsApp, There is a notification which appears on your mobile screen or if you obtain a new message on skype you get a notification on your computer/mobile devices. To check precisely how they work that you may subscribe to my blog’s push notifications:PMegaPu. sh is a Push notification commercials community using which that you may send Push notification ads to the users. Mega. Push is one of the major push notification commercials networks with over one hundred six million active users as of today and beginning over 19 million clicks daily. They also claim to be the 1st Push Advertising Network in addition.

Megapu. sh works on a Pay per click model you just get charged when a user clicks on your push notification only. During my test, I have tested all kind of offers, however, the ones which carry out the best include. Mobile app installs Lead technology, Health, and Beauty, e trade. Especially with e commerce of I would highly put forward you to discuss with the advertisers and notice if there are any promotions happening, With “Special Promotion” angles conversion rate is amazingly high. Here are a few ideas for now Not all of these programs I have tested yet, Flipkart India, Noon and Namshi UAE, Groupon, Amazon reviews or pages with discount widgets etc can carry out really well….

Image: Just like usual native commercials networks here you’re required to consist of an Image with 492328 dimensions, Try to add some appealing and eye catching image inventive that you would be able to find a whole lot of stock photos at pixabay or find more at paid stock photo sites. Adding borders to the pictures usually helps you increase your CTR on your images and attracts more people. Usually, I expect my campaigns to fail firstly as I am accumulating data on Italy so 2 conversions after $25 ad spend were nothing new to me however, I also determined to try Indonesia one of the crucial countries with the largest volume on Megapu. sh and the campaign was an immediate hit. Right after a few dollars of ad spend I observed conversions started flowing in and as I said above typically with absolutely new traffic resources I expect to bleed some money first and extremely rarely I see this good pleasant traffic from a site visitors source these days. Especially after coping with loads of pop ad networks and native ad networks I must say Megapu.

sh traffic best is actually high and here is what excited me most about this site visitors source. I won’t go into detail concerning the campaigns I am operating with Megapu. sh presently but after preliminary two crusade, I was capable of optimize and scale my campaigns easily into highly profitable and ecocnomic campaigns. And I am still trying out every type of niches to see which one outperforms any other…Megapu. sh and push notifications usual have really Impressed me and I am really Impressed, Megapu. sh has jogged my memory of early days of my PPC campaigns on bing ads when I used to transform pay per calls on a few cent ad spend or when I used to push pay per call campaigns on PPV before tech support and all sort ruined and saturated the entire traffic source.

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So if you are searching for an opportunity, avail it now before everyone else and their dog starts advertising on push notification networks, Make your most out of this fresh site visitors source with cheap site visitors volume in totally untapped GEOs. I have helped my clients make millions of dollars in revenue through CPA Marketing. Launching CPA Marketing campaigns can be worrying!99% Affiliates fail as a result of they launch their campaigns with proper practise, I have helped a whole bunch of affiliates meet their goals by helping them to create a a hit online marketing method and create systems which help them generate a consistent and long run income stream.