The Ultimate Guide to HTTPS and SSL for WordPress Elegant Themes Blog

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Now, that should have fixed your mixed display content issues. However, you still probably want to make sure that your site is as HTTPS as possible to prevent any other issues. One such issue is when a site has a backlink to the HTTP version of your site, but you’re actually running the new, improved HTTPS version. They technically count as two sites, and their old link could show up as insecure to some users. So the next step is to check your Settings – General options.

Make sure that your site address is set to HTTPS. If not, then do that and hit save. The site will log you out. That’s okay. I know that’s a lot to take in. But WordPress HTTPS is really important for your site’s viability in the future.

Users trust you more. And maybe more importantly, Google will trust you more, too. You’re now set to fix mixed content errors, handle SSL certificate expiration and renewal, edit your . htaccess and wp config. php files, and even futz around with your site’s database. At this point, you have locked your site down.

When something breaks with the WordPress SSL, you can fix it. Pat yourself on the back, go have a drink, and rest well knowing that your site is safe and sound. I followed your wonderful article and had everything running smoothly. However, the next day, I thought I didn’t need Really Simple SSL, since I had SSL Insecure Content Fixer on board too. So I deleted Really Simple.

Wow!what a huge mistake. I’ve been trying to fix it all morning. I had backed up the site with All in One Migration but that didn’t matter. It’s a bit of a mess. Followed all your directions now and just getting one error message, but consistantly: WebSocket connection to ‘wss://public api.

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wordpress. com/pinghub/wpcom/me/newest note data’ failed: Unexpected response code: 403 x2I’ve done everything including change the . htaccess page. What now?Any suggestions?The Better Search Replace, doesn’t mention this file. Thanks for any suggestions.