The Ultimate Bullet Journal Guide for Beginners and Beyond

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One of my admired spreads is the per month spread!This is where you keep your month at a glance. Some people like to keep this minimal, picking out a list format in lieu of a calendar. Others, like myself, like a more classic setup. I individually hate the list format because it doesn’t seem like a month to me!For me, a calendar is less complicated and faster to use as a result of I were using calendars my whole life.

There is no one right way to establish a monthly — the simplest right way is what works for you!And there are more alternatives than simply a list or a calendar. Page Flutter has an excellent post with examples of different ways to establish your per 30 days to your taste. Weeklies aren’t mentioned in the unique system, but they’re a organic step among monthlies and dailies. Basically, that you could plan out a better seven days intimately with one spread. Weeklies cover your schedule, appointments, deadlines, goals… that you would be able to very nearly add whatever you want!Some people use weeklies rather than monthlies while others use them as opposed to dailies. Occasionally, I see people using monthlies, weeklies, and dailies.

To me, that’s a lot to keep track of. But if it works for you, then more power to you!There’s no planner police here. It’s easy to think negative things about your self, to conquer yourself up, to think you aren’t good enough. You are your individual worst critic. But saying affirmations is a way to fight back and to treat yourself more kindly.

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It might sound silly, but it really works. When you tell your self oftentimes, “I can’t do it”, you are just reinforcing negative beliefs. Instead, saying, “I can do it!” repeatedly, you begin to make a subtle shift on your perspective and beliefs. Keeping an affirmation log is a great way to remind yourself to do it every day and get the total benefit of affirmations!In a habit tracker, you write down the habits you are looking to focus on — good and bad — and you track them daily for a month. Every night, you take a seat and color in a box to point out if that habit was offer that day.

For instance, if you’re tracking your endeavor habit, you can fill in the box if you exercised today. If you didn’t undertaking, the box remains empty. After weeks and months, that you could watch a pattern emerge and notice exactly how often that habit is present to your life. Once you see that tips, it becomes 10x easier to make adjustments since you remove any guesswork. When you find yourself afraid of creating a mistake, say, “Done Not Perfect” and push via anyway.

The only way so that you can bounce back at this is to actually DO it. Try, fail, tweak, and try again. My journals through the years are absolutely choked with errors. I have misspelled month names, drawn something funky, misaligned a header, smudged ink… if which you could believe a reduce to rubble, I’ve done it. Despite all of these imperfect pages, I got stuff done. No matter what number of imperfections I saw in my own magazine, people still perceived to love the pages when I shared online.

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I’ve grown tons thanks to all my mistakes, and you will, too. So take a deep breath, put that pen to paper, and don’t overthink it. You’ll do fine. I promise.