The Ultimate 12 Minute Affiliate System Review

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The Ultimate 12 Minute Affiliate System Review


12 Minute Affiliate Review 2020

Rarely do you come across a product in the ‘make money online’ (MMO) industry that is legitimate. 12 Minute Affiliate is one of the few legit products that actually does set you up with everything needed to run a real online affiliate business. The strategies and tactics taught are still valid and are some of the most well-known, time-tested ways of creating an online business with affiliate marketing.


12 Minute Affiliate is definitely NOT a scam because the main method covered in the training and product offering is focused on the oldest, most tried, and true way of doing affiliate marketing. Their product utilizes its many high-value pre-tested and pre-built, high-converting landing pages along with sales funnels.


By providing everything, you are saving hundreds of dollars per month right off the bat because there’s no need to use expensive software anymore…

…this is a huge advantage and for this reason alone it’s worth trying out.


Although I do have a problem with the way the product is marketed and the claims the company makes, misleading info, etc. (for more on that, see the PROS & CONS section below)…


I have no problem recommending 12 Minute Affiliate to anyone who is seriously looking to get started with making money online using affiliate marketing in conjunction with email marketing.


**To see a demonstration of everything, here is the free webinar replay (on demand)


What Is the 12 Minute Affiliate System?

The 12 Minute Affiliate system is an online training site and a marketing platform that teaches how to promote any affiliate offer from a well-known affiliate network, get your affiliate link, and utilize a squeeze page that captures the visitor’s email, triggering a sales email sequence (auto-responder) while re-routing them to the offer.

You can then use their paid or free methods to get traffic to your squeeze page and ultimately follow-up with the prospect using an email sequence to land the sale.


So, there’s nothing scammy about that. A common phrase in the affiliate marketing niche is, “the money is in the email list”. An added benefit of this product is that it allows you to build an email list that you can market to in the future too, with any related offer that you want to promote down the line.


They have just packaged it all together as a plug-and-play system where everything is available in one place (even the traffic source) so you don’t have to go searching or get training separately in every area. Plus, they give you the top recommended tools to use and step-by-step guidance to start earning commissions quickly. Now… how quickly depends from person to person.


This product does provide a solid foundation for any beginner wanting to get into affiliate marketing though.


Nobody can refute the system they are using. It just works. In fact, it’s what any successful affiliate marketer is doing and has been doing for over a decade. Myself included. You can’t go wrong.”


Devon Brown, the course creator, is quite animated and very enthusiastic when it comes to his training style and is somewhat like a motivational speaker. He definitely gets you moving.


Here’s a snapshot of him in action in this training replay

12 Minute Affiliate training replay
👆Click above to play. This is NOT a sales video, it’s more like a private step-by-step demonstration.


In this video, he shows exactly what he’s doing step-by-step so you can follow-along then pretty much copy his system.

*This isn’t the main sales page but you can still sign-up from it and get started by entering your name & email if you want.

** I do recommend watching this lesson above, then at least trying it out for $9.95. It’s a small investment to see if it’s the right fit for you.


You’ll basically get to test drive everything out for 14 days to see if it’s something you can do. Watching this training will give you a much better idea of what it’s all about.


How Much Does 12 Minute Affiliate Cost?

You can either pay a monthly membership fee or a one-time fee. There are two plans Basic & Gold membership. There are also a couple of upsells for personal coaching if you need extra help setting everything up.


Basic Membership
Monthly: $47/mo.
One-Time: $397

You get pre-made landing pages, access to products they recommend you promote, email copy templates for one niche.


Gold Membership
Monthly: $97/mo.
One-Time: $797

You get the same as above except you get them for three different niches: Health & Fitness, Make Money Online, Personal Development.


Coaching 1 – Done-For-You Setup
If you would like personal one-on-one coaching or someone to set everything up for you, this is an extra service for a small fee ($67). They also will go into more detail for you and this gives you more of an advantage on how to find quality products to promote, and how to get results faster.

You get three 1-hour sessions. But if you ask me, I think the training is more than enough.


Coaching 2 – Every day for 60 Days
Also called Affiliate Mastery Platinum (AMP) is more expensive and includes unlimited coaching calls. 60 days for $297. However, you will need to apply for you to be considered and there is no guarantee you’ll be let in.

* There’s also no risk because of the 60-day money-back guarantee.*


12 Minute Affiliate review


Getting Started In 5 Steps!
When you log in to your account you’ll see this checklist to guide you through the various parts of the system.

12 minute affiliate checklist

Step 1: Signing-up to an Affiliate Network

12-Minute Affiliate integrates with vendors on the Clickbank marketplace (one of the largest, leading affiliate networks). You’ll be signing up there for free. The offers that you’ll be promoting are from products/vendors listed there. You will be getting paid your commission from Clickbank. The software is set-up to integrate with this affiliate network which makes everything a lot easier on you.

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Step 2: Create An Auto-Responder Account (eMail Service)

12 minute affiliate autoresponder

This is an extra cost that might not be evident when starting. So I want to make it clear here that you will have to pay around $19.99 per month (for up to 500 subscribers) separately to Aweber (if you go with their recommended company). You can use any provider you want though. This is the auto-responder service that 12 Minute Affiliate automatically integrates with. Aweber is truly one of the best services out there for email marketing but this is a separate company you’ll be paying monthly for their services.


Step 3: Getting Your Auto-Responder Ready 

Using the email templates that are already written for you based on the niche that you selected, you’ll be saving them in the system which is then sent out automatically with your affiliate links in the copy. This saves you days of work writing, trying to come up with creative copy and the best thing is these were previously tested and are high converting.


Step 4: Choose a Pre-Made Professional Landing Page

12 minute affiliate landing pages

Perhaps the most valuable part is that you get tons of choices and you are not paying an extra $97 a month for this service, which is what it would literally cost you for a similar service like ClickFunnels. You don’t need a domain, separate website, or hosting. It is ALL included.


The sales marketing funnels have been designed for 3 major evergreen niches; weight loss, self-development, and earning money from home. You have the option of choosing your own path and customizing the landing page such that it includes your affiliate link so commissions go to you.


Step 5: Getting Done-For-You Traffic On Demand

12 minute affiliate done for you traffic


Wondering where all the traffic will come from? This is the most impressive feature and takes care of the hardest part of affiliate marketing: getting highly targeted, relevant traffic to your offer (landing page).


All you have to do is select the niche the product you are promoting is in, select the number of clicks you want to your landing page (based on what you can afford), and press “enter” to start sending them.


These are real visitors using solo ads! You can also use any solo ads provider in the future. You should see opt-in rates (people subscribing to your email list) as high as 40%


My Real 12 Minute Affiliate Results and Success Story:

Niche: Make money online
Cost: $200 for 200 clicks
Opt-In Rate: 28%
Visitors who subscribed to the email list: 56
Profit: $68 (34% ROI after 10 days)

The more traffic you buy, the more sales you’ll have.

The PROS and CONS of 12 Minute Affiliate


  • already done-for-you landing pages (professional, high converting designs)
  • no need for expensive funnel page builder software (savings of $97 to $297 a month)
  • affordable monthly price
  • you don’t need your own website (hosted on their servers)
  • no need to create pay-per-click advertisements
  • traffic source is built-in (solo ads)
  • email follow-up sequence (sales copy written for you)
  • quality training on getting on-demand traffic to your squeeze page
  • plug-and-play easy set-up
  • organized, clear, and complete explanations
  • a separate mini-course on free traffic methods (SEO w/ website/blog)
  • Facebook group for members
  • option for private coaching for a small fee


  • somewhat outlandish claims
  • misleading product name
  • need to pay for an auto-responder (email marketing)
  • need to pay for traffic (for quick results)

The good thing (and what makes the product unique) is that the pages and emails you’ll need are already set up. You just have to register your info and switch out the links to your own affiliate links. A major PRO is how easily this is done and you really can apply the lessons taught by completing the tasks and get moving within an hour or so. Or at least that’s how long it took me. If you’re a wiz maybe it could be done in 12 minutes.


You will be linking your landing page to your auto-responder and loading the pre-written emails into your auto-responder so that follow-up emails go out every day for a set amount of days.


Devon Brown has made this part extremely easy by giving you an import key which automatically adds your affiliate link to the emails.


This product is sold on leading marketplace ClickBank and is probably the most reliable in the industry. I actually went on there to check the product’s return rate and it is surprisingly low, which means buyers are almost 100% satisfied.


You are shown, from scratch, how a successful affiliate campaign works. The most important thing is knowing how all the moving parts come together to form a repeatable system that you can deploy when promoting any product online.


These last two are not necessarily cons, they are necessary. I put them here because some may be put off once they find out they have to spend more money above and beyond the product to make it all work.


You can use free traffic to your landing page through a blog/website but this is more difficult. For this, you need to know how to rank your site in the Google search engines for certain keywords in order to get organic free clicks. This is a much longer process and even with search engine optimization, there is no guarantee you’ll rank on the 1st page of Google.


Plus let’s say they do land on your blog, they still would have to actually click on your offer within your content to see your landing page and enter their email to get sent through.


— Will you make anywhere between $80 – $900+ in your first week?

Probably not, but technically it is possible if you can implement the traffic techniques as soon as you set everything up. Claims like these are mostly a marketing tactic and are not realistic. I mean yes, eventually you would be making this much money. But not that quickly.


The other thing that they’re not telling you right away is that you’ll have to use paid traffic to see results fast. This is where the product is misleading.


They don’t mention that to see quick results you’re going to have to have a budget for running paid advertising. And I would bet that a very small percentage of people start earning that much their first week even with paid ads.


The reason for this is it takes time to test different ads in order to find the ones that convert at a high enough rate to put you into positive ROI. Only after you spend money to weed out the underperforming ads can you then scale up your budget to bring in a higher profit margin.


So you’ll need a decent-sized budget for testing. To make the profit they’re claiming, you’d have to spend $1000 to make a $500 profit (just an example for illustration purposes). Some start with higher budgets (which is risky), some with a smaller budget which makes it more difficult to earn more without spending more. Anything above a 30% ROI is considered good.


The 12 Minute Affiliate name is trying to portray that you literally can have a working system set-up to bring in potential commission in a little as 12-minutes. This is true but depends on your experience level. For most, it will take a couple of hours. Remember we are talking about the setup only, not when you’ll actually start seeing results.


The name does make it sound like a get rich quick scheme. This doesn’t mean you’ll start making money in twelve minutes or every twelve minutes or something. In fact, it can take up to 5 days until you start seeing leads come in after buying clicks.


— Now is it as easy as ordering a pizza, as they claim?

Well, not quite. It depends on your technical ability and prior experience. But I will say it does make it as easy as possible to set everything up so that you can start earning money rather quickly.


For one, the landing pages are already done for you. All you really have to do is sign-up to an affiliate network and choose the product you’ll be promoting.


The email capture page (landing page) is ready to go; you just have to connect an emailing service in order to follow up with potential customers. This was not the best description of the entire process, but you get the general idea.


Good affiliate marketers spend money running ads to grow their email list so that they can continue sending them reminders about products they’re promoting.


Think of it like this, you usually never buy something online the first time you’re introduced to it. It takes you a few times to warm up to the idea and if you get reminded about it enough times, you’ll eventually pull the trigger and take out your credit card.


This is the system that 12 Minute Affiliate exploits. And it can be quite lucrative if you can find the right combination of winning ads, landing pages, and email follow-ups. This is what this product will help you achieve.



One might wonder, does it sounds too good to be true? Furthermore, you may have tried other programs that claimed the same, only to prove to be huge scams in the end. You are not wrong to doubt the 12 Minute Affiliate, but you can rest assured you are getting a quality product this time.

Also check out my top recommended free training community:
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The only thing is that earning the amount of money they claim is definitely not as easy as they make it seem. Just be aware it does take real work, a budget for ads, and effort on your part to see results. By using a plug-and-play system like this it is actually possible that you’ll start seeing money coming in.


Although it can be said with complete conviction that the 12 Minute Affiliate system is not a scam, proceed with caution if you decide to go the paid ads route. You can lose a lot of money if you do not start small and know what is converting before you scale up.


Most scam products have one thing in common; they are disorganized and don’t provide detailed information. They fail to provide a clear picture of how to earn money. This is NOT the case with 12 Minute Affiliate.

It is genuinely a legit and complete product with:

  • high-quality training
  • tested high-converting landing pages
  • pre-tested sales copy that you can use as-is
  • ready-made email templates


Another added advantage is they have a group on Facebook, where people are sharing tips and tricks. You can post questions and get quick answers and see what others are doing to get ideas for your campaigns.


Have you been thinking about venturing into affiliate marketing, but lack the confidence to do so? Well, the 12 Minute Affiliate system was created for people like you, to take the technical headache and creation process out of the way. Now you only have to focus on seeing which landing page and email converts the best. It doesn’t get more streamlined than this.


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