The Top Video Ad Networks

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For publishers who’ve their own video inventory, there are a couple of advantage suggestions to monetization. Ideally you’d find an advertiser to whom that you may sell without delay, and keep the full proceeds for your self. More realistically, publishers with monetizable ad stock will turn to a video ad network to address the sales for them. In this article, we’ll profile one of the largest video ad networks accessible. This article won’t touch on the YouTube Partner Program, which is among the biggest servers of video ads on the earth.

We have an entire guide committed to getting cash on YouTube that covers that site in great detail; the networks below are highlighted as options for publishers who are hosting their video on their site and looking for a way to monetize directly. No, that’s not a typo: AOL is among the biggest video ad networks on the earth. This comes basically throughout the Adap. TV ad trade that AOL got in September 2013. That firm accounted for about 85% of AOL’s total video ads at the time of acquisition. Other big suppliers of video ads for AOL come with Advertising.

com and properties owned by the company, reminiscent of TechCrunch and HuffingtonPost. Could you please do an article about video ad networks for smaller publishers who don’t have large quantities of views. Also could you explain what’s better for smaller video publishers as there are lots of selections equivalent to ad networks, SSP, ad exchanges, etc. Lastly could you explain how the pricing of video ad networks work as they make you pay to serve the ads, pay to use their player, etc, I don’t think new publishers remember a majority of these costs, at long last you don’t get much.

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