The Top Chinese Affiliate Networks You Should Consider


Similar to the West, affiliate marketing also has numerous community in China. There are a few alternative sorts of associate networks in China identical to in the West. The main modifications between these networks is the industries/merchandise/facilities they take care of and the price model that they work on. The two most common kinds of fee methods are CPS and CPA. CPS means cost per sale, meaning you simply pay the network when they generate a sale.

CPA means cost per action, meaning you pay when a user takes a certain action. This can be a user clicking a link, a user adding something to their cart, etc. The CPA model is generally used by “sub affiliate” networks which may be explained below. One of the larger Chinese online affiliate marketing networks. Linktech claims to be one of the vital top 3 largest Chinese associate networks and has worked with a huge amount of top brands that we all know and love. It was founded in 2004, by a Korean company that found fulfillment in the Korean market.

Since it was centered in 2004 it’s played an indispensable role in the development of e trade in China. It’s quite pleasant to international brands in addition it even has an English web page!. Linktech is a true affiliate community that operates on a CPS model, in that merchants only pay for functionality, which also makes it quite attractive. nonetheless it there are some activation fees and what not to get started if you’re interested that you can see here. AMNavigator describes this one as a sub associate network in a different way referred to as a CPA community.

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It’s one of the most more generic Chinese affiliate networks though it’s rather new compared to others. This community acts an associate itself, and pays publishers to promote items on their websites and pays them for genuine actions like click throughs to a product page. Publishers part of the DuoMai network receive fee on sales made via their promotional endeavor and likewise points that they can redeem for free gifts on the platform. To get any price assistance you’ll need to contact their sales team here. Chanet stands for the China Advertising Network claims to work with over 300,000 websites and connects wannabe affiliates with courses without delay through the platform.

Brands both big and small use this platform to get began with online marketing. It firstly started in Japan as Janet in 2002, but due to its achievement it expanded into China in 2005. It specializes in the niches of recruitment, education, travel, networking, enjoyment and e trade, but offers much more. It’s one of the few Chinese associate networks that claims to have zero up front costs making it very appealing for rookies to the Chinese market. Considered to be the pioneer in Chinese affiliate marketing and one of the first Chinese associate networks.

Similar to Duomai, in that it is a sub associate network, but it is way larger. It’s a Beijing based company that was dependent in 2004 and has connections with over 600,000 publishers with over 50% of them working completely with Yiqifa. They also claim that their publishers generate a normal of 20 million clicks a day for products on their platform, and over 2. 5 million sales per day. It’s particularly attractive to publishers as it allows them to get began fast. They can sign in, get their links, and receives a commission throughout the platform.

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