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Retarget your blog readers. At the tip of the funnel, a user’s first visit is usually their last. By retargeting them on social media, that you would be able to recapture their attention and get them back into your advertising and marketing funnel. Reach past buyers. Segment your shoppers by purchase frequency and last transaction.

For instance, create a retargeting crusade that markets to folks that haven’t purchased from you in the last three months. Use particular offers and limited discounts for scarcity and exclusivity. Recycle from other channels. Visitors may already engage with you via other paid campaigns. Retarget guests to a specific touchdown page with an offer higher up the funnel. For instance, if they visited a touchdown page offering a free trial, tempt them with an ebook instead.

Impressions: If you’re trying to get your message seen by as many folks as feasible, pay per CPM impressions per 1000 people. Engagement: This means likes, retweets, shares, and comments. While these metrics contribute little to revenue, they could be signals of how well your content resonates together with your audience. Traffic: Aiming to get more eyeballs to your landing page or blog?Then make certain you’re operating on a CPC bidding model. This way, you’ll only pay when an individual clicks for your ad. Lead and Conversions: This is ideal for gated content and lead magnets.

If it’s conversions you’re after, make sure you’re paying on a CPA basis. Sales: This goal looks directly to the underside of the funnel. This will contribute directly to ROI.

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