The Strengths of the Agency of the Future

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1. Greater data of the digital space. With more than a third of dealers surveyed revealing that they are not assured that their present agency is well located to take their brand through the unchartered waters of online digital advertising and marketing and interactive advertising, it’s clear that businesses are looking to have a greater information of the electronic space so that it will thrive. In fact, nearly half 45 percent of the respondents have switched businesses or plan to exchange in a better 365 days for one with greater electronic knowledge or have hired a further digital professional to handle their interactive campaigns.

I agree that having a person responsible of digital technique in an agency can be a good suggestion disclosure: I had this role at Off Madison Ave for nearly 3 years. However, that method only works if the agency has many digital specialists, and just needs a person to influence the ship. Too many small and mid sized businesses far prey to the “guru syndrom” and hire one Internet guy to handle all digital advertising for their agency. Big mistake. If that guy leaves and he’ll, you’re screwed. And, centralizing electronic knowledge gives anything of your staff an excuse to not get better at electronic advertising.

Don’t do this. See my series of education workshops for businesses on how to not get all your agency ready at digital advertising.

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