The Seriously Comprehensive Guide to BB Content Marketing WordStream

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Launched in November 2010, Buffer set itself aside from identical blogs early on by making a magnificent commitment to great content. However, even though the content material Buffer publishes is both interesting and useful – the highest quality goal of all B2B content – Buffer also created a good deal of buzz about its service by adopting a corporation tradition of radical transparency, a circulation that has grown particularly since Buffer courageously determined to make almost every aspect of the company’s growth visible to anyone. This proves that it is possible though by no means easy to break into a crowded vertical with established players and be successful. American Express offers as diverse an array of B2B content as it does economic amenities.

However, much of the company’s content specializes in the challenges faced by smaller businesses and particular person entrepreneurs. This is meditated in the sorts of topics explored by American Express’ content material, equivalent to productivity and time management, budgeting and accounting, and social media. Also, as the founding association of Small Business Saturday – one of the vital vital days of the year to thousands of small businesses – American Express is aware the needs and issues of its readership, and adds fine content to meet those needs.

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