The sentence “How may I help you” should be changed to “How may I assist you” in the service industry. Do you agree or disagree? Justify your answer. Bayt. com Specialties

I guess the take is if you assert How may I can help you?the buyer in reality expects you to wave the magic wand and fulfil their wishes that’s not feasible most times in real time. But If you as a substitute use How may I provide help to?I think it virtually reflects that I am there in finding which ever solution accessible with Us provider company even though, it might not be applicable to fulfill the customers actual need. So its like, you listen to an outstanding sales deal and at the top it says terms and stipulations apply!We all do the best to deliver staggering purchaser carrier but there are limititations to pleasurable purchaser needs. : So How may I provide help to?is more expert and courteous.

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