The Scope of the Administration: meaning, Purpose, and the Elements that are on It

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The Scope of the Administration meaning Purpose and the Elements that are on It

The Scope of the Administration: meaning, Purpose, and the Elements that are on It

The Scope of the Administration meaning Purpose and the Elements that are on It

Basically, the scope of the administration includes the activities of writing, sending, and also save the information. As we know that the administration is an activity the preparation and also the recording of the data or information made by the company.

This activity is done in a more systematic, better it is for the work of the internal or external as the efforts in providing and easy to earn back what it takes.

Well, on this occasion, let’s discuss more about the scope of the administration.

The Scope Of The Administration

The duties of employees who work on the part of the administration is to serve, direct and manage all activities of the organization so that it can achieve the purpose of the company in an orderly and effective. This activity is called the scope of the administration and covers:

  • Collection activities, where employees are looking for and collecting data, detailed information, and then save it so it can be used at other times when required.
  • Recording activities, i.e. after successfully collecting the data, employee records, save them with the good, and sends it to other parts to be processed if necessary.
  • The activities of the administration, namely the employees analyze administrative data to obtain the results or conclusions of the data.
  • Storage activity, namely the employees of protect data by keeping it in a document or archive so that a current can easily be found again if there is a need.
  • Shipping activity, the employee sends the data or file from stakeholders internally within the organization or external stakeholders outside the organization to other departments.

The Purpose Of The Scope Of The Administration

Administrative purposes, is divided into two objectives, namely long-term goals and short term goals.

  • The purpose of the scope of long-term administration, which is the purpose of the administration of the ideal, usually have a qualification which is not limited to achieving the goals of the organization.
  • The purpose of the scope of the administration of the short-term, i.e. administrative purposes specific, has a small scope and qualification targets is limited, usually made by the sub-department of the organization to carry out the orders of the administration in each of the sub-department of the organization.

The Elements Of The Scope Of The Administration

The scope of the administration consists of several elements, namely:

  • The organization, which is a place where the employee performs the management activities and can achieve the goals that have been set.
  • Management, namely the administrative management which involves managers and operators.
  • Communication, i.e. how to communicate information that is used to connect and coordinate between members of the organization or between different parts of the organization.
  • Personnel, namely the use of labor is responsible for the management of the organization. In the civil service system are interrelated processes, namely, employee recruitment, employee placement, the authorization of the employee and the dismissal of employees.
  • Financial, capital or funds used for the purpose of business management.
  • Material, namely elements of the administration, recording activities include, planning, organizing, and monitoring the activities of procurement of goods.
  • Management of the administration, namely the elements of the administration includes business administration, finance, etc.
  • Public relations, namely the elements of the management on how the organization interacts with both in the public (community) or the consumers.
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Therefore, it is necessary administrative system to manage the activities of the company. The aim is that the scope of the administration could be more orderly in achieving the goals of the company. A well-managed company will help the achievement of the objectives of the company.

The Characteristics Of Administration

1. Nature Of Service

The scope of the administration are more services because it can help other tasks, so that the work can be performed efficiently. Office work done to help people work more effectively.

Service refers to the management of the administration carried out for the implementation of the work of the executive in order to achieve the goals of the company. As has been mentioned above, the work of the office is designed to provide services to those who carry out the work (the main task of the office) in order to achieve the goals of the organization.


  • Help sales staff to do their job.
  • Help the financial department to keep documentary evidence of the financial status of the company.
  • Help the production department to improve services and to define a lower cost.
  • Librarians keep track of students who borrow books from the library.
  • Bank Teller, which records the deposit in the bank.

2. Open and expansive

The scope of administration is more open and expansive, meaning that office work can be done anywhere in the organization, not only in the office or building, but can also be done in the office or outside the building. The administration of the office is required everywhere, and done in the entire organization.


  • Electrical experts noted the meter in the house.
  • Officers train ticket do the inspection of the passenger ticket.
  • The officer TAPS noted meter water house

3. Applied By All Parties In The Organization

Scope adminisitrasi must be applied by all parties, be it from the highest leadership to employees low, each person can complete the work of the office.

Because office work is scattered to all parts of the organization, the work will be done by all people in the organization. Although the work of the office can be a task group of employees (for example, the administration), this work will be monopolized by a group of employees. Office work will be diverted from the highest officials (without changing their position) to the employee with the lowest rank.

For example, a supervisor call another office to collect data or information is required, or must be received a call from another office. The foreman of the factory records of workers who are not present or overtime without prejudice to its primary responsibility as a foreman. In addition to clean-up the office, the employee on the employee OB also usually gets the job includes sending letters and fill the book expedition.


  • The manager, whose job is to make employees work better, but the managers must also remain involved in the work of the office to help her manage the responsibility of his subordinates, such as save the file yourself and make phone calls to a relationship.
  • Students in addition to the secretary of the class can fill the diary of a class.
  • The courier will make a note of the time of writing of other people and ask for proof of a letter from the intended recipient.
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The Principle Of The Scope Of The Administration

1. Planning Principles

Principles of planning in the scope of the administration means that all office work should be planned in advance to achieve a specific goal. For example, all mail sent or archived to be clear its purpose and benefits. If not, it is not necessary the activities of the correspondence.

Planning also means that each process should be scheduled and pre-determined and should not be done on their own. So the plan goes smoothly, the best way is to set certain guidelines for each type of work.

2. The Principle Of Simplification

the principle of simplification in the scope of the administration that You should be trying to do all the office work with the most simple and easiest way. If simpler alternative can be found, then a complicated procedure should be avoided. Simplification also means avoiding duplication of documents that excessive and as much as possible to avoid a variety of tasks that overlap.

3. The Principle Of Saving

The intent of the principle of saving on space administration scope is all the work of the office should be done in a way that is most efficient, that is the most convenient way (save to mind), the way most light (power saving), most quickly (saving time), most recently (saving time), the least expensive (cost savings).

4. The Principle Of Elimination

The intent of the principle of elimination on the scope of administration is all the work that is unnecessary or irrelevant should be eliminated. For example, if two people are assigned to maintain records and the number of files that are not too much so that it actually can be managed by one person, then that person should be eliminated, or to be given another task that is required of the company.

5. The Principle Of Merger

the meaning of the principle of merger in the scope of the administration is that all the work that is similar or closely related should be combined. For example, the work of collecting receivables and send a letter is carried by officers, or to score from five computers, one printer is enough.


Thus a full explanation from us about the scope of the administration. So, we can conclude that the scope of this administration in the form of activity to the collection, recording activities, administrative activities, activities, storage, and shipping activities.

The entire scope of the administration is done so that the company can gain profit or advantage of the maximum, so that it can continue to grow and succeed in achieving its goals.

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