The Role of SEO in Marketing: Explained

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For the past few years the importance of digital marketing has steadily been growing, and today we are at the point where many businesses focus entirely on digital platforms. Many of these businesses exist purely on the internet, with no physical presence and no tangible marketing in the physical world. 

Since the internet is home to such a huge user base, and since global payments and shipping have become easier to carry out as well, this system is now a viable option for businesses with a limited budget. However, businesses are also utilizing SEO tools very successfully, yielding good numbers of local clients as well. If you want to boost your marketing efforts, here is why SEO should be your focus.


A quick Google search for any keyword will yield hundreds of millions if not billions of search results. Considering there are 20 results per page, this amounts to quite a lot of pages. With SEO, you can make your way to the first page, and then to the top of the first page. The fact is that no one goes beyond the first few pages. Partially because it is just too much work and also because the first few results often have what the person is looking for. If you want to get more visibility, even if that is just people actually visiting your store, you need to be ranked on the first page, or better. Being online can mean anything. But to gain meaningful visibility, you need to be online in such a way that it is easy for people to find you.

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The one thing that advertisers love is traffic. Regardless of the platform, as long as there are people seeing that space, they will pay a lot of money to get their ad on there. Through SEO, you can increase the visibility that your website gets and use your platform to earn revenue through marketing as well. Even if you have to use a white label seo program to get that traffic, it will easily pay for itself in the money you turn in from ad revenues. You don’t have to be running ads from major ad networks shortly, since companies will reach out to you to get their products or services listed on your site and they will pay far more than what an ad network ever would.  


If you can develop a platform where you are getting lots of visitors, you can use this to your own benefit. Even if it is a website that isn’t directly related to your products or services, you can market your own business there. The higher the traffic, the higher the conversion rate can be if you are marketing correctly. A lot of people make the mistake of over-marketing their products and services which often backfires. You need to find the right balance and also understand what kind of marketing has the best impact.

Marketing can be very expensive, regardless of the medium you want to get it done through. SEO is an extremely effective way of reducing marketing costs in the online space. With better SEO you are able to make yourself visible to a larger audience, and you are able to access a more specialized audience that is more willing to buy the things you are offering them.

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