The Role of Mascot Design For Brand Success

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The Role of Mascot Design For Brand Success

The Role of Mascot Design For Brand Success

Like a good logo design, an attractive mascot design can help with branding and promotion for your company. Good design can give a good impression to website visitors and this is also important for the company.

Some mascot designs are more famous than the company itself. Many companies are successful enough to create a design that sticks to the mind. As well as companies like Disney and McDonalds who use mascots to build their brands and they have proven successful in developing them for brands. In this case, it does not only build a brand but also gives a special touch that sticks to people’s memories.

Mascot: Product and Company Branding Strategy

More and more companies are using mascots as one of their branding strategies, so it is always interesting to see which ones are still firmly attached to everyone’s mind and which are easily forgotten. Mascot designs which are usually cartoon characters are commonly used in business and make a brand different from other brands.

To make a branding strategy using this mascot effective, the resulting design must be attractive to those who see it, eye-catching, and of course, describe the brand it represents.

“In the midst of such intense market competition, a corporation must use phrases, words, and pictures to represent the corporate or brand and make it different from other brands.”

Many advertising experts believe that one of the most effective representations of a brand is the mascot.

Mascot may be a marketing strategy that creates your company or brand unique among other brands. The mascot design must reflect the personality of the brand it represents. Many people question why certain brands wear mascots? The answer is that mascots provide various benefits for a brand.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Mascot For A Company?

The benefits that will be felt by a company if it has a mascot are:

• Give personality to the brands it represents.

• Creative and emotional touch for the people who see it.

• Provide entertainment value for a brand.

• The role of selling the brand by promoting your business.

• Become the initial images people see of a brand.

Of course, several things must be considered so that the design created for a brand can help promote the brand and have an influence on sales.

The most basic and main thing to create character for a brand is to understand the brand itself. What are you selling? McDonald’s not only sells food but also provides fun and the McDonalds mascot in the form of a clown does reflect the McDonalds brand itself.

Keep in mind that a character will be very effective at promoting a product and not a service. Not only creative designs play a role in attracting customers but also the overall good packaging of your brand that makes your brand attractive to customers.

In this case, of course, it is important to make the mascot design look attractive, eye-catching, and easy to remember. If you choose an ugly mascot design, instead of creating a positive impression for a brand, your mascot will make your product look bad.

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