The Role of Digital Marketing and Examples

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The Role of Digital Marketing and Examples

The Role of Digital Marketing and Examples

Understanding Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a series of activities to promote a product both goods and services using digital media in the form of electronic devices connected to the internet, with the aim of reaching relevant and timely consumers. Digital Marketing is also called internet marketing or digital marketing. Digital media used can be electronic devices connected to the internet such as smartphones and computers.

The role of Digital Marketing

In general, the role of digital marketing is to improve marketing performance in promoting its products to the reach of relevant and timely consumers with digital electronic intermediaries, such as smartphones and computers. Here are some of the parties involved, namely:


Advertiser is a person or company that has a good product or service that will be promoted digitally.

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Products in digital marketing are goods or services that are promoted digitally. Goods or services can come from companies or individuals, for example:

  • Textbooks published by Gramedia companies.
  • Novel published by a writer (self publisher).
  • Services to create a website by a web developer.
  • Laptops manufactured by the Acer company.

Digital Marketer

Digital marketers are people who are able to promote a product digitally. Digital marketers can be done by any party,

  • Self Digital Marketer

Self digital marketers are people who promote their own products digitally, usually done by small scale companies.

  • Digital Marketer Specialist

Digital marketer specialist is a person who has a certified ability to carry out digital marketing activities. For example, Google AdWords Certification is a certification for individuals who are able to carry out marketing activities with Google AdWords. Usually a digital marketer specialist is owned by a particular company to promote its products.

  • Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agency is a company that provides digital marketing services that can use technology to provide creative content to promote the products of its service users. This company has the skills to do digital analysis, SEO, creative content, and understand more than one Ad Network.

Ad Network

Ad Network is a company that facilitates the installation of advertising banners from advertisers (advertisers). Ad Network can reach various digital sides, both social media, websites, blogs, e-mail, and search engines. Here are some Popular Ad Networks

  • Google AdWords
  • Froggy Ads
  • FB Ads


Publisher is a party that has creative content in the form of information, entertainment, and literature that interests a group of publics and provides advertising space for advertisers on that content. Examples of publishers are online media, bloggers, YouTube, social media, and others.

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Consumers in digital marketing are a group of people who access information, entertainment, or literature from digital media, including social media, search engines, YouTube, blogs, e-mail, and certain websites. Every consumer has different interests depending on the digital media they access. Digital techniques can reach consumers based on their interests, so that the ads displayed can adjust to the people who access them. This aims to reduce advertising spending for inappropriate people.

Examples of Digital Marketing

Here are some examples of digital marketing activities

  • Use the marketplace to sell goods, for example Tokopedia and Bukalapak.
  • Use FB Ads to promote goods or services.
  • Create a website to sell goods or services, for example online stores.
  • Use search engines to promote goods or services based on certain keywords.
  • Place banner ads through the Ad Network, for example Froggy Ads.
  • Make a product review article on a relevant blog, this is commonly called an article placement.
  • Use Youtube video advertisements to promote products.
  • Creating social media accounts related to businesses owned, for example Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • Build a customer email list to offer certain products and promos.
  • Implement SEO techniques to reach organic consumers.