The right way to choose products for sale online

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The right way to choose products for sale online

The right way to choose products for sale online

Choosing the wrong niche or improper product means you have failed before starting. But at the same time, you can’t start this fun process until you know if you want to sell something online.

It’s not a good thing if what you sell and target the market is super competitive, so the possibility of success is very small. Many variables need to be considered, and requests and supplies are not the only factors.

The possibility of your success is also very dependent on how well your execution is. The biggest variable is “you.”

Don’t ask questions like:

  • How long does it take to make money?
  • How fast can I launch an online store?

All you need to ask yourself is:

  • How well can you launch an online store?
  • How can you add value to this niche?
  • How much time can you allocate to run your store?

Important aspects in determining products for sale online

Let’s just say you are a person who is competent and can allocate at least 5 hours a week for your business. So what aspects are the most important in finding the right products for sale?

Measure demand

The first and most important thing, there must be a request. Most people may have no problems with this section because there is always a tendency to choose a common thing for sale when you start for the first time.

Conversely, sometimes product ideas are strange and not common. Overall there are many ways to measure demand. First, you can use Google Keyword Planner to find out what people are looking for online.

You can see eBay completed listings using tools like terapeak. You can also see Amazon find out what is sold and what is not by using the tool called Jungle Scout. Finding product requests is quite simple if you know where to look.

Measure competition

After you know there is a request, you also have to measure the competition, and there are two aspects that need to be considered. You need to find out if you can compete at a qualitative level.

  • Do competitors have a good website?
  • Can you offer a better shopping experience?
  • Can you offer a broader choice?
  • Is your price competitive?

Many people enter the product search process for sale without considering who they will be opposed to. If you don’t offer a good reason for someone to buy from you, then there is no reason to open an online store.

The next aspect of the evaluation of your competition is from a search engine perspective. How strong are your competitors in terms of SEO? How is it possible on the front page search?

If there are many very strong websites on the front page search, then your niche is likely to have many strong players who are hard to beat.

Some additional things you need to know:

  • How long has competitors in this business?

The business that does not make money is not a business name. You can use services like WHO IS to find information about certain domains and know where it is registered.

In addition, Twitter and Facebook will show you the date of creation of the account. Knowing how long the competitor’s business is helping you better build and understand its success.

  • What is their social interaction like?

Social interactions are not only related to sales but combine with other information. This helps give a better picture of your competitors. One important thing to remember here is that you cannot assume the number of followers as more values. Now it’s not difficult to buy thousands of fake followers at a cheap price.

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Therefore, you must see how much interaction they received in the post. Finally, when reviewing social competitor accounts, pay attention to the platform they use, how often do they interact with customers, and how do they talk to customers?

  • Traffic and Backlinks

Traffic and backlinks can be an indicator of the strength of competition and success in a market. Although it is not possible to know exactly the number of traffic received by a website

There is a tool that can help you measure the estimated number of traffic obtained by a website, along with the number of backlinks that lead to the website. Semrush and SimilarWeb become a good tool for searching competitor traffic, source traffic, and backlinks.

The most important factor

Sometimes you need to ignore demand and competition because basically, this is a general rule. The most important aspect of finding the right niche is the ability to provide a unique value proposition for your store. Find out the niche that is profitable for your site.

If you have something that competitors don’t have or if you can make your store stand out, then the guide, especially the SEO guide, is no longer a big factor. So even if the search front page shows big shops or if the competitor’s website looks very good, if you can give a good reason for someone to shop at your store, then there is good potential you can succeed. Of course, the value of the proposition needs testing and validation.

This caused an online store based on a niche to have the advantage compared to large shops. Most large stores have a big budget but they also have many products and it is impossible for them to focus only on one type of product.

Therefore if you choose a very narrow niche and become the best in selling small category products, you can easily sell exceeding famous stores. But make sure you have something unique to offer.

Find something unique

The next question is how to find something unique to your business. How can your business stand out? The answer is on your skills and difficulties what you pass can stand out.

Most people who start an online business focus on how easy doing things. But if something is easy to do then it can be easily imitated. Instead of focusing on how easy something is done, focus on doing something difficult and time-consuming. If something is difficult for you, it is likely to be difficult for anyone.

In early 2000, starting an online store was difficult because there was no infrastructure and no standard platform for eCommerce. Therefore people who work hard to create their online stores from the beginning will benefit the most.

But now, starting an online store is very easy and not enough just to have a store that sells products. You need to work hard to make yourself different. The more difficult something is done, the less competition you get.

Sell ​​something worth

So if you start an eCommerce store or business for this purpose, make sure you have something valuable to offer. Instead of doing keyword research and seeing competition on search engines, pay close attention to all your competitors.

Find out what they are doing well and what they do is not good. Buy their products and find out how you can increase them. Just because the niche you want to chase to blend with competitors does not mean you have to leave it as long as you can convince people if your product is better.

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Now, everyone is obsessed with the convenience to get money or ease of establishing a business and running it. If something is very easy then chances are you’re not worthy of doing it. There is always money produced if you take the time to do something that other people don’t want to do it.

Position yourself as a customer

Online stores must display products that provide new and better value, quality, and performance to customers compared to what already exists. Often the trick is to simplify complicated products.

Your target market survey

After gathering secondary research, it’s time to gather your research based on the actual product, a niche choice, also the target demography. The fastest and cheapest way to create a survey is to use a simple tool such as survey expression, EsurveysPro, Gizmo, or QuestionPro survey.

To write good product validation you need to touch each of the following elements in the Survey question:

  • Verify the target audience. You need to start by asking a key question to validate your audience. Asking the wrong person about the idea of ​​your product will only waste time.
  • Initial interest. Next, you need to determine whether people like the idea of ​​your product, what they like, and what they don’t like.
  • Buying intention. Finally, you want to ask a few questions to measure buying intentions. Many people, especially if you know them, will give a very positive response. So it’s important to enter these people in the test to find out if they buy your product.

Don’t be afraid if you don’t know anyone in your target market. Several paid services can be petrified like Google Customer Surveys or Survata. This service allows you to create a survey and then distribute surveys to people in the target audience on your behalf.

Pre-sell on social media and email

Depending on your product choices and niches, contacts on social media networks and email contacts may be good to test your product ideas. For example, someone uses a social account and personal email contact, to contact friends and colleagues that he considered interested in his new potential service and asks if they want to buy.

He first sent an email to his contact. Then post on personal Facebook to get feedback. Then he used Facebook’s Search Graph to find and reach the person who was his friend who later liked what he had to offer.

Test store

One of the many good ways to test and validate your idea is to test the store. This popular method involves a store with your product and traffic into it in a certain period to test the interests of consumers and request your product.

Gospaces is the best way to validate and build a new business. You can quickly create an online store that you can collect payment. Because Gospaces is very light, you can have stores in less than 5 minutes and you can sell sample products to get feedback.

For your business to grow and increase the number of customers you don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your product, so that later you can improve visitors in your online business portal. FROGGY ADS is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. Helps you target the targeting target you want and give you many choices to market your product.