The Right Steps To Carry Out The Rebranding Process Through Social Media

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The Right Steps To Carry Out The Rebranding Process Through Social Media

So far, consumers have been successfully influenced by various advertisements through mass media, both print and electronic. But now, the power of product marketing is no longer in the advertising media alone. Today, consumers believe more in what friends or acquaintances say than they believe in advertisements. Consumers are increasingly more powerful than consumers of the past.

This was triggered by the development of alternative media such as the internet and mobile phone communication tools. So that every consumer is increasingly free to communicate without the limitations of space and time. Consumers no longer see themselves as passive respondents in dealing with a brand or product. That is one of the reasons why a product sometimes does not sell well in the market, so it needs to be rebranded. Find out easy steps for rebranding through social media for business advancement.

The Need for Rebranding

As a business develops, sometimes the image or brand that is created in the beginning does not reflect the actual current state of the business. Such as business expansion, acquisitions or mergers, changes in business models, or other matters. Several factors influence a business to rebrand:

  • Internal factors which consist of changes in corporate strategy, changes in attitudes or corporate culture, changes in corporate communication, and changes in organizational habits.
  • External factors which consist of changes in the company’s structure, and external perceptions of the company and its activities.

The rebranding process will take a long time because you have to consider several factors as mentioned above. Apart from these factors, there are several other reasons for rebranding in a company, namely:

  • The identity of a company cannot represent the services of that company.
  • The company already has a bad reputation in the eyes of the public.
  • Or the company wants to provide something new, such as improvements in the company.
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Easy Steps to Rebranding Products Through Social Media

One of the important elements in carrying out the product rebranding process is social media. Your product’s content and social media profile is a fairly easy way to communicate the product changes you will make. Here are some ways to rebrand products using social media that you need to know:

1. Update Social Media Profiles & Change Links

The next important thing is to make sure you update your profile on social media according to your new identity. It’s not just a profile photo that must be considered. For example, if you have a new logo with a new color element, make sure that the color that identifies you is visible on your social media profiles. That way, the rebranding process of your product will feel more thorough.

After successfully carrying out the rebranding process, it could be that your potential customers still know your product with an old identity. Therefore, you should explore all online marketing tools to ensure that the link you put will lead new customers to your new product identity. This method can help you to produce more effective results.

2. Update Google Business Page

For those of you who have a Google Business profile, make sure the profile in your Google Business has been updated according to the rebranding that you have done. But if you don’t have a Google Business profile yet, there’s nothing wrong with starting to create one now to reach a wider range of local customers.

3. Announce Rebranding & Create Ads

Don’t forget to inform all customers about the rebranding process that you are doing on the product. Besides, you also need to explain to them the reasons why you are rebranding. And remind them that these changes will not reduce the quality of service that will be provided by you to them. This way, you can make customers feel that you are in a relationship with them and make customers feel that they are important to your business.

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Next, make advertisements on social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or others to introduce your new product identity to the wider community. This method not only helps your customers to become more familiar with your new product identity but also helps you attract new customers.

4. Pay Attention to Public Responses & Stay Active on Social Media

You need to pay attention to the responses and input provided by the public, especially your customers, regarding the new identity of the product. Give the best response to show that you heard their opinion. Use their input to continuously improve your product and business.

Make sure your products stay active on social media and continue to improve the quality of the content you share. By doing things that will enhance your product’s image on social media, customers who are loyal to your product will see rebranding as a positive change.

Carrying out a rebranding process, such as changing or changing a logo, is one solution you can take to improve the quality of your products and business. Because an effective logo should be unique and attractive to the target market, able to describe the nature of the business, product, or service.

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