The revolution of evolution in the “illuminati”

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The revolution of evolution in the illuminati scaled


Anyone I know by means of FB just lately despatched me a website link to a movie, with a concept attached: “it’s well worth listening to” and “this is what we’re up in opposition to.”

This video was supposedly exposing the “Illuminati”: the textual content recited is a record of the ways “they” are manipulating and managing the masses, together with visual illustrations or photos meant to horrify and ignite.

First let me say that the textual content alone, when examined, incorporates multiple contradictions and an inherent fallacy that tends to make the total workout a awful joke. Viewed objectively, the ‘covenant’ is a cunningly devised speech whose function is of course to excite these of small comprehension or discernment.

(The actuality is that there doesn’t need to have to be an elite team of puppet masters who manipulate the masses. The masses are nicely manipulated only by the promoting sector. The advertisements we see each and every working day that inform us that to be pleased we have to search therefore, having that and driving the other are enough to influence most to keep on the treadmill of consumerism: expend time, vitality, and hard-acquired money conforming to the most current notion of ​​’in’ or ‘ hip’ –wasting existence chasing the carrot that is constantly out of attain, and burdened with endless credit card debt. A slave who imagines he is cost-free.)

What my (I guess perfectly-intentioned) acquaintance and those people who distribute the alarm about this supposed cabal apparently don’t understand, is that by circulating this substance they are serving the extremely purpose of those people they condemn: the spread of dread and loathing. —exciting the minds of the quickly affected to ineffectual anger. The result is that these who have interaction in this sort of conspiracy theory render by themselves useless in the bigger wrestle of Ignorance vs. Enlightenment: simply because to interact at all is to give one’s electrical power to the Ignorance. By dwelling on madness, or inanity, we feed it energetically (witness the Palin phenomenon), and only by withdrawing one’s focus/energy can a person turn into impotent. Where there is no reaction there is no impact.

We are only the outcome of what we figure out.

By ceasing to get involved in the maelstrom promulgated by the media, whose major motive is gain and the secondary purpose of involving the inhabitants in the whirlwind of feeling, neutralizing them in the ongoing method of beating ignorance, we take the situation : we use our energy as we WILLnot as you would want us, reactively.

Those who realize this theory of Self Mastery and realize our Oneness concentrate their strength and notice on propagating that which fosters Comprehending, Harmony and Compassion, for in carrying out so we take out the fake boundaries that have been erected to divide and conquer. , and tip the scales toward the Mild.

Be section of this intensifying phenomenon: embrace the Evolutionary Revolution and enable Consciousness to broaden in you.


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