The Relationship between Programmatic Advertising and Real Time Bidding Knorex

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The advent of programmatic ads on the back of the pervasiveness of the Internet and mobile usage lately has democratized advertising, allowing hundreds of thousands of agencies around the globe now to have the skill to focus on viewers groups or with specific criteria, high level or at particular precision. With programmatic ads, comes an entire slew of industry jargons and acronyms like RTB, DSP, and SSP. Programmatic advertisements refers back to the use of automated programs to buy and sell online ad spaces. Unlike classic ad buying where negotiations are performed by the sales team, programmatic depends upon era to eliminate human error and to substitute tasks historically dealt with by salespeople like filing insertion orders.

Programmatic ads is focused and more efficient as it uses audience data to precisely choose when and where to show your ad. For example: As a user enters and loads a website, the online page publisher connects to an SSP. The SSP analyzes the user’s audience data before sending an ad request to an Ad Exchange. Here, the Ad Exchange starts the bidding technique by surroundings a value for this opportunist ad space. DSPs which are inclined to pay place their bid within 10 milliseconds it takes 300 milliseconds to blink your eye!and the Ad Exchange selects a profitable bid. In conclusion, despite the false impression that programmatic commercials and RTB are interchangeable, there are in fact many styles of programmatic advertisements buying, and RTB is merely one of them.

Knorex offers every kind of programmatic buying, including open trade RTB that runs on its in house proprietary DSP. Contact us for more guidance on how to boost your ad campaigns.

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