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How to Tell Your Company’s Story: The Reimagined Remix

There is very little I like superior than when fantastic written content begets other fantastic information. Just after all, making content is a relative cinch. But producing excellent (or even great!) written content? That’s a ton more difficult.

Which is why you have received to make absolutely sure you squeeze just about every previous drop of partaking goodness out of each piece of articles you produce. Or, as C.C. and I write in Information Rulesthink REIMAGINED, not recycled.

How could possibly that book turn out to be a collection of website posts? How about interviewing the e-book writer for a podcast? How about mining the greatest issues from a webinar Q&A for a tip sheet you publish on your blog? How might elements of that white paper become an infographic? Or a video infographic? (My pal Tim Washer is a grasp at this.)

A couple of weeks back, I presented an online seminar for Radian6. (Take note to convention organizers: Radian6’s David B. Thomas provides anything specific to the job of moderator.) As part of my presentation — and I imply a person Compact part! — was about how to tell your tale: How do you pull the tales out of your personal brand name or organization? To support, I created a sequence of prompts for entrepreneurs and content creators — almost like crafting prompts from my j-college times. You can see in this article for additional marketing information and facts.

My MarketingProfs colleague Veronica Jarski created this underneath based mostly on that section of my communicate — a so-termed “infodoodle” of How to Explain to Your Company’s Story. Part doodle, part… nicely, info!… I enjoy how it’s a reimagined remix of element of my presentation. Take a look and tell me what you consider:

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