The Purpose of Running Facebook Ads that You Must Understand

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The Purpose of Running Facebook Ads that You Must Understand

The Purpose of Running Facebook Ads Ads that You Must Understand 1

As the largest social media in the world, Facebook claims to have 2 billion active users every month. Advertise through the world’s largest social media, meaning you will have the opportunity to reach a very broad audience. Facebook ads, are advertising services offered by Facebook that you can use as desired.

There are many stages that you must do before you can finally advertise on Facebook. One of them is the purpose of advertising. What is the purpose of advertising?

Purpose of Advertising

The purpose of advertising is the first thing you will encounter when creating ads through Facebook ads. The intended purpose here is what you want to get from the ad serving. Facebook divides advertising goals into 3 categories namely awareness, consideration, and conversion.

1. Awareness

Awareness has 2 advertising goals to choose from namely brand awareness and reach.

  • Brand Awareness: this feature is used to increase audience awareness of your brand by displaying advertisements to audiences who are likely to be interested in your ads.
  • Reach: allows you to display ads to as many audiences as possible, of course, without exceeding the amount of budget that you provide. With this feature, you can also choose to only reach an audience that is around your business location.

2. Considerations

In the consideration category, you can choose one of six available advertising goals, namely:

  • Application Installation: this feature allows you to increase the number of audiences who install your mobile app by providing a direct link to the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Traffic: increase the number of audiences visiting your website, mobile app, or Messenger conversation, and increasing the likelihood that an audience will take certain actions while they are there.
  • Leads: with this feature, you can target interested audiences to learn more about your brand, and encourage them to register on your website, whether they are members or email subscriptions.
  • Message: through advertising, you can invite your audience to open more Messenger interactions. That way, you can communicate directly with them, so you can answer questions, get new leads, and ultimately increase sales.
  • Interaction: this feature allows you to invite your audience to visit and follow your page, or interact in a post by giving comments, shares, and likes.
  • Video Impressions: You can show videos to an audience who is most likely to have an interest in your brand and will watch it to the end.
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3. Conversion

In the conversion category, there are three ad destinations you can choose from, namely:

  • Conversions: conversion features can help you to invite your audience to take certain actions on your site or mobile app. For example, making a product purchase, bringing in new leads, subscribing, registering, or other types of conversions.
  • Store Visit: this feature can be said to be unique because you can encourage the audience to make direct visits, purchases, and other beneficial actions in the physical store that you have
  • Sales Catalog: this feature is perfect for those of you who have a wide range of stock and product variations. Catalog sales can automatically promote the products most relevant to the audience. That way, the audience is more likely to be interested, and ultimately make a purchase.

Thus the discussion about the purpose of advertising that you need to understand in Facebook ads. Some of the objectives above you can choose according to the conditions of your business and what marketing strategies are used.

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