The problem you face when running an online business

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The problem you face when running an online business

The problem you face when running an online business

It takes more than just a good and interesting website to run an online business. Many people feel ready to launch online businesses and expect success, but often the reality is not the case. They expect success without seeing the facts about how to achieve it.

New entrepreneurs made the same mistake. They focus on collecting as many suggestions as possible from experienced entrepreneurs and ignoring the fact that every business has its own stories.

Tips on how to avoid the most common mistakes in the business provided by experienced entrepreneurs to beginners are only useful if the business is ready to run. If not, there are no benefits that can be taken.

Creating a successful online business is not an easy task. No matter how good or unique products and your services, you still need to compete with many other businesses to get the attention of the target audience. Out there in the real world of competition, and anyone wants to make money.

But you don’t need to panic. Every 60 seconds, Google received 4 million queries. In addition, every minute, there are 2.5 million updates on Facebook and 3000 tweets. Maybe this impresses a scary number. But this number indicates that even though there are thousands of businesses out there that offer the same products and services as you, there is still enough space on the internet for you to make money by doing the best effort you can.

The problem when doing business online

Most people fail in their first online business. There are many factors you need to consider if you are interested in benefiting through online business. To help you better understand what elements you need to focus on, here is a list of some online business problems that you might face

Quite difficult start

When you choose and test an idea to see the level of success in the real market out there, you need to hold fast to this idea, even though all goes not according to plan.

It takes time for a business to grow and generate profits. Most companies do not produce a penny from what they invest until the end of the first year.

Many experienced online business owners say that the first 60 days become the most difficult period. If you survive this period, you have a chance to have a successful business.

Find the right niche

The second online business problem is to determine the niche.

The internet is a competitive marketplace, where only some ideas can produce long-term success. Competing with Internet giants such as Amazon and eBay in certain sectors or entering the market where your potential customers still prefer to try sample items makes you need to identify the right niche and position the product well.

A retail accessories hair online, for example, targets specific markets and choosing unusual products.


Are you born to become an entrepreneur? If you don’t have specific thoughts about this, confidence will decrease and all become difficult for you.

True entrepreneurs think a little differently from people who are not born for this business world. They are like people who relax new drinks from available materials, not people who come out and buy the need to make perfect drinks.

This thought makes them develop a relationship of relations, sell before buying, and only bear the risks they can bear. In addition, they do not set goals, but follow the flow and make changes over time.

Unrealistic expectations

The founder of new companies tends to think they can do the task of all positions in his company. Marketing, sales, and so on they handle themselves, and they make mistakes.

Most young entrepreneurs have a large ego problem that covers their vision and judgment. They did not realize their shortcomings.

In addition, they tend to have unrealistic expectations about the success of the company. They target a goal that can hardly be achieved, and they fall when they can’t achieve it.

One thing to remember, you want to get more money and better results, you need hard work and time to achieve it.

These times and expectations are usually a problem in online businesses, such as startup companies. They have the desire to enter the market as soon as possible, prove they are worthy, and make a profit. Because of this kind of enthusiasm, they usually fail to allocate time to know specifically what they want to sell.

It’s important to see you and companies from a realistic point of view. Focus more on what’s happening now, than what you planned in the future.

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This is one of the biggest online business problems on this list. When you will deal with customer data and payment online, you better make sure that each part of your business is 100 percent safe. Even large companies still have problems with security, so how can you protect themselves from all types of data leaks and hacker attacks?

If you want to make customers feel safe, you need to keep a website with a good server with customer support at any time.


Although building relations is a recommended way to get the trust of the buyer, this alone will not solve the problem. After the buyer realizes that your online business can be trusted but your seller is not, the level of trust will decrease. And this can have an impact on the conversion rate on your platform.

The solution to this problem by ensuring buyers avoid any shape fraud. The transparency system becomes a must.

One way to achieve this is to ask customers who have worked with you to make reviews about your business services. When new customers see this review, they will be more interested in trying your product compared to if there are no reviews from third parties.

Product presentation

The next online business problem is product presentations. ECommerce businesses usually owners have control over the way the product and details are presented to customers. Not infrequently business owners use professional model services and photographers to help create desired promotional images.

But at the beginning of the marketplace formation, business owners only have a little control over how the product is presented. The problem is, many sellers are still in the learning stage.

Find a system that can guide you through a successful list of listings creation, teaching how to create good photography, and imitate the features needed. There is also a website that provides image process tools to change photos of amateur products into pictures of high-quality products.

Customer service

Conventional eCommerce stores have a centralized customer management system that makes it easier to meet customer needs. But on the marketplace, buyers who are not happy with the product or service from a seller will usually direct complaints in the marketplace, not on the seller. The problem that continues to occur is often increasing into PR issues or social media attacks.

The solution is in the determination of exact expectations among buyers. The marketplace cannot survive if it is required to be able to do the task of voters. Companies like Alibaba and eBay can be successful because they can communicate to buyers if there are product service problems, the response is a factory or seller, not the platform.

Increasing competition

It’s never easy to start a business. It has been lost when it takes weeks or months to start a business. Now if you can buy a domain name and register your online business, you have entered this business.

But it can survive in a business so a problem is quite complicated. Even though the advice of business experts has expensive prices and needs a lot of time, now you can find experts online to answer many of your questions. It helps you start an online store, for example, to get a business card and marketing material at a very affordable price.

The ease of starting this business creates a greater level of competition. You will find different businesses competing for each product sold and new businesses that focus on one item to be the best in one field.

Increased competition that is more focused will make it more difficult for businesses to get customers who want to buy their products. What happens is the war of perception, focus, and marketing. Business owners who master this element and provide a good customer experience will win sales.

Marketing and customer loyalty

As with increasing competition, there is also a problem in marketing products to potential customers effectively. Smartphones, social media, email, Twitter, and other communication channels facilitate businesses and individuals to send messages. Finding out the right marketing channel is the key to businesses to success in the future.

It’s very difficult to market a new business. Who is my customer? Where do they usually gather? What do they like? How do I approach them? What makes my business different from the others? What can I offer that is different from other businesses in the same niche? How can I build authority brands? What can attract their attention? How do I make them come back?

All of these are only a few problems faced by every young entrepreneur when creating a marketing strategy for his new business.

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When you get new customers, how do you maintain them when they are constantly visited by many competitors who try to convince them if they have better products or give cheaper prices? Identify what customers want will make a difference in the future of your company.

Business owners need to spend more time finding out how to retain customers and at the same time find out how to reach new customers without competing in price.

Being prominent in the middle of the crowd is not easy. Everyone can start a new business. But only a few will succeed and make money from website activities, products, and services. A good marketing plan for online businesses focuses on many elements than just making people click on your website and read your content.

You need to know what makes people visit your site choose your service. Find out what stimulates them to buy your product, spread the news about your business, and in the end, come back again.

You need to do a lot of research before entering a business field. You need to get facts about when, where, and how to start marketing your business. Social media, blogs, emails, Google AdWords, Facebook ads, all of this so your tool, use wisely.


Everyone, especially business owners certainly feels uncomfortable with uncertainty. Because of global debt and economic turmoil, the uncertainty is heard more now than in the past. Uncertainty triggers a short-term focus. Because of uncertainty, companies tend to avoid long-term planning and turn them into short-term focus.

Failure to strategic planning for 5 to 10 years can cause business destruction. Businesses must learn to balance the need for a short-term focus with the need for long-term strategies.


Other online business problems are certainly technology. Online customers will avoid websites that often experience problems and do not provide adequate purchasing security. Invest in trustworthy servers and security options and sustainable technology updates can overcome the latest security threats. It is important to build strong online brands and maintain customer trust.

Business limitations

Some types of businesses are not suitable for the internet, especially if the products offered to involve the use of the Panca Indra. For example, if the unique value of your product is a refreshing aroma, you can find it difficult to market it online. And there will always be individuals who feel more comfortable purchasing after seeing the product directly first.

Minimal computer expertise

Business owners need to have more than basic internet knowledge and do business online. The required skills include knowledge about website settings for business purposes and how to market your business online. If you don’t have this skill, you will likely need internet marketing services to help you start an online business.

Difficulty building relationships

Although doing business on the internet can open markets throughout the world, it can be more difficult to develop sustainable business relations. If you are located in Indonesia, you are likely to have a chance to face face to face with customers from Japan or Australia.

Although technology such as video conferencing allows you to see individuals through computer screens, there is still a personal touch less than the meeting directly. This makes it difficult to build relations as one of the online business problems.

Dependence on web hosting companies

Sustainable site functions are very dependent on third parties, namely your web host. What’s more, your web host choices are very important at the beginning of the internet business.

If your web host server is of poor quality, visitors will leave your shopping train. Your website may be very slow because the web host puts your site on 1 server along with 2000 other sites.

Of course one of the online business problems is when your website has down. Good for 10 minutes or 10 days, you will lose business when the site doesn’t work. If your server has a problem, you can no longer receive customer orders. Or you cannot receive an email through your domain name or even update your site. What’s more, you are helpless in this matter, especially if the customer’s support is difficult to contact.

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