The press release is a trusted marketing strategy, this is the explanation!

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The press release is a trusted marketing strategy, this is the explanation!

The press release is a trusted marketing strategy this is the explanation

In essence, the press release is a means to convey information related to the company. You can see a simple example of a Press Release in the information released by the company.

Usually, press releases in a company, often using newspaper advertising to provide news related to what is happening at the company. But, the current conditions are certainly more advanced than the first.

Every company can now regulate what information they want to give to the community. Well, Press Release is one of the strategies that can be taken to achieve this.

By using a press release, the company can convey what messages and what promos will be given by the company. Well, on this occasion, we will share the complete press release with you.

What is a Press Release?

Reporting from Forbes page, Press Release is a tool used to publish. More detailed, the press release is a tool that can convey information to the community.

Generally, the press release will be held by the company when there are certain events related to the company itself. From this, everyone will know what is happening and what the company is doing.

On the other hand, Hubspot explained that the press release is an official notification by the company or organization.

The notification is generally given to media, newspapers, or television, hereinafter distributed to the community. The press release itself is usually not long and only one to two pages.

The content contained in it must be comprehensive so that it will make the media that will dissemble being able to make information properly.

In addition, a Press Release is information that has a simple and easy-to-understand language style. It is aimed so that the message contained in the press release can be well received without any understanding of the readers.

If this is fulfilled, the press release can be disseminated properly and also accurately without an information error. So, the message you want to spread by the company can be well received.

Benefits of Press Release

Many benefits can be felt when implementing press releases in marketing strategies, starting from helping to develop businesses to succeed in increasing company brands, to improve the ROI of your business.

In addition, some other benefits of applying press releases are as follows:

1. Introducing Products

When you just pioneered a business, there must be many people who don’t know your product or service. Well, Press Releases can help you introduce your product or service, including in online promotions.

The information dissemination of the press release that uses internet networks will allow your product or service to be more accessible to the public. So, your business will be famous and slowly will be many audiences that become your customers.

2. Marketing strategies are more effective

Applying press release will make you easier in making quality promotional content. In addition, the joining of many experienced people in the digital marketing team, it will make your marketing strategy easier and can be following your business target.

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So, in doing product promotion, it will be easier to know where your marketing target is. If your product or service is for teenagers, the content of the press release can be adjusted.

Conversely, if your marketing target is a parent, the content of the press release will be adjusted again.

3. Adjust market tastes

Trust and also customer satisfaction is some of the keys to success in doing business. If consumers have felt appropriate and believed in your business, they will not hesitate to repurchase the product you have to offer.

But, you may not be satisfied because of this, because some people have understood with technology, they will be easy to feel bored with old products or services that do not innovate.

For this reason, implementing a press release strategy will make it easier for you to know the tastes of consumers. From the results of the press release deployment, you can get feedback from customers who have tried your product.

Next, you can do periodically innovation based on feedback from your customers.

4. Relatively affordable prices

As a businessman, of course, you want to do product promotion at a minimum cost. Well, this can be overcome by implementing a press release strategy. Because in it you can use the internet, and from there the information you want to spread can be accessed by the target market quickly and at a minimum cost.

This is certainly different if you use an offline marketing strategy, there will be a lot of time and wasted funds. In addition, the customer’s reach is relatively more limited.

Press release type

There are many types of press releases that can be used by companies in conveying information. Reporting from the Forbes page, there are six types of press releases that you can use. The six types of press releases are as follows:

1. General News

General News is the most common type of press release. Generally, this type of press release has news content related to an event.

However, the company often modified the press release. Usually, this press release is widely used by several parties to deliver the news. This type of press release also becomes the basis for other types of press releases, because, in essence, the press release is conveying information for the community.

Generally, when a company receives a certain award, it will make a press release related to the appreciation. This is indeed not wrong, because it has its news value for the company.

2. Launch release

This type of press release generally contains the release of companies, products, sites, or other things that are the first time. The format is almost the same as the type of general news, but more emphasized on what will happen.

This type of press release is more causal. Because it can be used as a tool to explain an idea or other thing that will come. For this reason, this press release is more emphasized something new.

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After the press release is done, generally there will be a further press release to be delivered. Well, the press release that comes later contains the continuation of what was previously launched.

3. Event Press Release

This type of press release is very related to events or events that are being held. So, it will explain various detailed information related to the event being carried out in a place.

This press release will be separate information for people who want to attend the event. The format of this press release does not have to meet the rule of 5W 1H. why? Because it can contain a list, outline, or various points related to the event. However, the press release must be made interesting.

4. Product Press Release

This type of press release is almost the same as Launch Press Release. The difference, Product Press Release will be accompanied by product specifications to be announced. This will make this press release type more complete.

With this press release, the public can also see the advantages of the product. In addition, this press release can also judge the good or not the product offered.

5. Executive, Staff, and Employee Press Release

Some companies will usually use press releases to announce the recruitment of new employees, especially if the employee occupies a very important position.

Generally, this type of press release is related to the appointment of the commissioner or new CEO. Content from Press Release is generally related to biographical information from the new employees. In addition, photos of the new employees are often shown so that the public knows who the new person is.


This type of press release is generally used to explain certain individuals. The difference with biography is this press release will explain the skills or individual capabilities in the special field.

This press release will also desperately need support from a third party. Later, this type of press release will be used as a company reference if it requires services from the person.


Thus the explanation of us about the press release. So, a press release is a tool used to do publication. More detailed, the press release is a tool that can convey information to the community.

If you are interested in applying for a press release as your marketing strategy, you must prepare a sufficient marketing budget, because you still have to choose the right media to spread the information and the media certainly does not want to spread commercial information for free.

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