The NEW Rules Of Social Media Optimization SMO

About a week ago I started seeing a curious variety of tweets, links and Google Alerts to a popular blog post I wrote 4 years ago. The reason was that today happens to be the four year anniversary of that post which first introduced the assumption of Social Media Optimization or SMO as it is now popularly known into the realm of electronic marketing and on Wikipedia. For most of the readers who constantly read my posts today, this SMO post could have been the explanation they first stumbled onto my blog. It became an accidentally big idea that captured the consideration of a growing to be niche of digital retailers who saw themselves at the intersection of operating in search engine marketing SEO and wanting to branch out into new world of social media.

In the four years since that post I have tried to focus this blog on my real passion of sharing insights which could encourage people to create better marketing to sell their ideas to the realm. SMO was a degree on that adventure and given the interest that this one idea has sparked among electronic marketers around the world, it is one it’s worth revisiting today.

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