The Most Popular Social Media Sites in China

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One way to ensure that your the content you create on this platform is thru KOL merchandising. While they would possibly not agree with themselves as KOLs in the traditional sense, top members on Zhihu have managed to gain massive followings on the platform. Collaborating with these top individuals can help brands to reach their target viewers and impart a feeling of trust to Zhihu users. For B2B brands or businesses with very complicated items, Zhihu is the perfect platform for social media advertising in China. Especially when products require clients to be educated about the uses, merits, and features of a product Zhihu is the best platform.

Dianping, approximately translated as every person’s feedback, was first created to bring together people’s remarks on restaurant facilities and to share reviews with buyers. It’s definitely the Yelp of China. However, like every thing else in China, it offers even more than its Western counterpart. In 2015, it merged with Meituan an identical carrier more widely wide-spread in 2nd and 3rd tier cities. After the merger, Meituan became an alternate “Super App” with a wide array of functionality. Meituan has changed quite a bit during the last five years it can barely be considered a Chinese social media platform.

The platform isn’t just limited to eating places as users can also post comments and buy discounts on bars, beauty salons, hotels, gyms, and so forth. However, the platform’s core enterprise is in food and beverage. When you search for a restaurant on Dianpang, as an example, there are hundreds photos that help to give you an idea of what to anticipate at the restaurant. These images also will often come with useful assistance like eating place menus, storefronts, and promotional offers. All of this makes Meituan Dianping the most suitable social media in China for eating places and other companies in the Food and Beverage industry. For businesses, Meitu does offer advertising options that brands can take advantage of.

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In terms of its social media features, it’s shaping up to be quite mind-blowing as seen by this quote from Ejininsight. “Since it began a beta trial in May this year, core users have spent 25 mins a day in the neighborhood, browsing a regular of 75 images and opening the app more than eight times a day. The average daily active users rose by 29 % when there were theme advertising events. These facts show that Meitu users have a robust desire for social networking and stickiness to the platform. ”Baidu Tieba is the biggest verbal exchange platform in China offered by the hunt engine manufacturer, Baidu. Baidu Tieba is a keyword based discussion forum where users can look up advice via a search bar.

This forum covers hosts discussion on nearly every topic possible, making it an alternative platform for companies getting began with social media advertising in China. Users create particular person “Tiebas” for each different topic with a committed moderator for every “Tieba. ” Unfortunately, Baidu has stopped publishing user numbers around the platform likely that means that it is on the decline.