The meaning of giveaway: understanding and impact on marketing strategies

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The meaning of giveaway: understanding and impact on marketing strategies

The meaning of giveaway understanding and impact on marketing strategies

In recent years, Giveaway’s promotion event is one of the very well-known marketing strategies. Because, this marketing strategy can be a powerful weapon to market the product of every entrepreneur. So, what is the meaning of the giveaway?

Well, on this article, let’s get to know more about the meaning of giveaway more in-depth, including benefits, types, and effective ways to make giveaway. In addition, we will also make some effective tips to make a very interesting giveaway for your followers. The following is the meaning of giveaway more profound for you.

The meaning of giveaway in depth

Basically, the meaning of giveaway is an activity to share gifts with certain requirements. Every participant who follows giveaway must and must fulfill any requirements that are in accordance with the holding of the Giveaway event. Starting from enlivening a post, until you make a certain challenge.

As time goes by, this giveaway activity develops into akang in promoting a product. So, what kind of kind of giveaway itself?

Types of giveaway

In the process of implementation, there are two different types of giveaway. The type of giveaway is self giveaway and giveaway sponsor.

1. Self giveaway

Self giveaway is a type of giveaway that is done independently and itself, starting from promotional standards, provisions, to prizes. The whole thing is done and arranged by yourself.

Generally, this giveaway is carried out by business people who are experienced and have many consumers and certain budget marketing.

For that, don’t be surprised if this type of giveaway can be done with various variants. The various requirements of the giveaway vary depending on the purpose of giveaway, such as asking each participant to follow or follow social media accounts, provide a challenge to download or upload certain photos on social media, etc.

Even the same as gifts, you can give a gift in the form of a digital physical product that is in accordance with the type of business you are running.

2. Sponsor Giveaway.

This type of giveaway is perfect for those of you who want to make certain giveaway events but don’t want to bother. So, the giveaway sponsor is a type of giveaway run by a third party or commonly called host.

The series on the giveaway event will be arranged by the host, so you only have to pay for the service. Usually, this type of giveaway is organized by several brands simultaneously, so the Giveaway event becomes like a big event.

This type of giveaway will be suitable for you who want to increase brand awareness or engagement. For this reason, the general requirement on this type of giveaway is getting as many participants as possible. In addition, giveaway sponsors are perfect for those of you who are just running online shops with unlimited audiences.

Why should you hold a giveaway?

There are many benefits that you can do if you do a giveaway event. For example, there was a mother who had to wash her hand because her cucarine was broken. Because he was exhausted, then the mother rested while opening the Instagram social media.

When opening Instagram, it turns out that the mother saw a giveaway post from one of the famous electronic stores and the prize was a washing machine.

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Without thinking, the mother then did not object to doing like, comments and mention her friends. Well, the giveaway event also turned out to offer other gifts such as refrigerators, TVs and other electronic devices. So, the mother’s friends were passionate about participating in the giveaway.

So, why does this giveaway event become very important?

  • Improve Leads.

One of the benefits of the holding of Giveaway is to increase leads, namely potential consumer prospective. If in the story above, the potential customer is the mother and also his friends.

Because in the giveaway the mother and friends want to leave contact, then they will be easier to contact.

The contact referred to in this case can be very diverse, starting from the Instagram account, email, to telephone number. With the telephone number, you can provide information related to your business, starting from promos to the latest product release.

  • Improve engagement

Another advantage of Giveaway is able to improve engagement. What is Engagement? Engagement is a communication between you as a brand with consumers, and this is very important to form a loyal customer. With the existence of a good engagement, a business will become more easily developed.

This is because engagement can be used to obtain feedback or feedback about your product. So, it will be very useful again to develop your product. In addition, engagement can also be used to increase consumer confidence with the value given, such as what mothers do in the story above.

  • Increase Brand Awareness

The more friends of these mothers are interested in joining the Giveaway event, there will be more and more people who know the brand. So the purpose of introducing the broader brand will also be achieved easily.

  • Promotional arena from mouth to mouth

Giveaway events can also be used as one of the very profitable promotional events, one of which is a promotion of mouth to mouth.

At present, promotion of mouth to mouth is still one form of promotion that has not been outdated. Because of the fact, 90% of people will buy an item because of the results of recommendations from friends or relatives.

The more often a brand is discussed by many people, then the brand will certainly be increasingly famous, which will eventually increase the trust of a product. In the age of digitally like today, the form of promotion of the mouth can be in the form of testimonials, reviews, etc.

  • Save budget

Basically, Giveaway is a form of budget-saving promotion. Even though at a glance it looks wasteful due to distributing gifts. But, basically the budget you use is very minimal, and the results you can get will be more maximal.

So, by holding the giveaway event, you can adjust the value of the gift, so that the audience you get will even be more specific and the engagement can be measured. If you get a leads, then you can get a list of potential customers who are far more potential.

How to make interesting giveaway

  • Determine the purpose of giveaway

The first step you have to do if you want to make an interesting giveaway is to determine your goals, such as increasing followers, increasing product sales, or wanting to be closer to each customer.

  • Choose the right giveaway gift
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Try to choose a giveaway gift that matches your giveaway and audience purpose, for example if you want to increase leads, you can share gifts from your own product.

If many participants giveaway, then meaning your product is desirable by many people. So, you can get more leads. In addition, you will also provide opportunities for participants to use your product from the giveaway gift you do.

  • Determine the requirements of giveaway

If the requirements of the giveaway are few but the prize is a lot, eating the increasing potential of participants will be more and more. But whether it is in accordance with the purpose of your Giveaway Event. So, you can ask every participant to follow, like, comment, or mention his friends.

These conditions are in accordance with the objectives of Engagement, because it will motivate each participant’s interaction on your social media account.

  • Use the hashtag

Hashtag is very functional to categorize a content. So, it will make it easier for each audience to find your product or post. In addition, you can also use the hashtag to show a brand or promo campaign that you are then running.

For this reason, try to always use the hashtag on each of your giveaway events. Especially if your goal is to increase the engagement value. Based on research conducted by Simply Measured, the hashtag is even able to improve engagement on a post of up to 12.6%.

  • Announce the winner of Giveaway

At the end of the Giveaway event, you must announce anyone the winner of the giveaway. The ideal form of announcement platform is when starting the event. Like the story that has been described above.

But for a business company, the information will be better to be informed on the official website. The aim is to avoid the presence of other party fraud efforts.

For this reason, make an official announcement by using a brand so that it can be more trusted. In addition, immediately contact the winner with Segara. In addition, you can also make a special post to say thank you regarding the participation of the audience.


That is an important explanation regarding the meaning of giveaway in depth. The conclusion that can be taken is that the meaning of giveaway in depth is an activity to share gifts with certain requirements. The type of giveaway is divided into two, namely self giveaway and sponsored giveaway.

The benefits of the holding of this giveaway event are increasing leads, improving engagement, increasing brand awareness, a promotional event by word of mouth, and budget saving.

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