The mailing list is: this is understanding and an easy way to make it

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The mailing list is this is understanding and an easy way to make it

The mailing list is: this is understanding and an easy way to make it

The mailing list is this is understanding and an easy way to make it

If you want to share your product promo information with many people quickly, then the mailing list is one effective way to share it. What’s more, if you can choose the right type and according to your business audience.

So, what exactly does the meaning of the mailing list? How to make it? Well, on this occasion we will explain about mailing lists more profound for you.

Understanding of mailing lists is

The mailing list is a service that allows you to send emails to many audiences in a group that you have specified. The mailing list is also commonly called a mailing list.

Previously, some of you might know the mailing list when joining a study group or group in which had similar hobbies. Like when using Google or Yahoo services.

But it turns out, you can also use the mailing list for business purposes, especially in promotional activities by utilizing your website hosting services.

The advantages that this mailing list can not only because the information provided can be easier to be spread, but also the promotion process will be more appropriate because it can reach the appropriate audience. Why can it be done?

So, for example, you have received a prospective customer email list of the forms that are already available on your website. Then, you group it according to certain promo categories. Well, when you answer questions related to a promo, then the information will be accepted by all members who are in the group.

This is certainly very effective because you no longer need to spread promo information one by one. But, will other members feel disturbed? Of course not, because this is following the wishes of the audience when they enroll in your email service. But with a note, you must determine the right type of mailing list so that later it can run effectively.

The mailing list function

There are two main functions of the mailing list because it can provide convenience in providing information, then this feature is commonly used by students and also students in working on assignments or office work. The two functions of the mailing list are as follows:

1. Ease of communication

Every user in it can use mailing as a means of the choice of communication, although only by using a minimalist technology tool. Each member in the mailing list group will be able to receive e-mail messages that have previously been sent by one member, so there is no need to send it one by one to each member.

2. Group

Each member who is incorporated in the group can also interact with a group with many conveniences, such as family groups, friends, etc.

You can use this feature when you are at a considerable distance with your brother or friend. In addition, you can also use mailing lists to add business relations.

On a product, there is no such thing as advantages without deficiencies, even the same as the mailing list. The shortcomings contained in the mailing list are not simple because it must require the process of opening an email every day so that there is no accumulation of messages.

In addition, every user will be subject to a quota usage when you want to reply to the email sent to him. The Space Email quota is quite large because the sender must include the message they have received before.

3 types of mailing lists are commonly used

Before we learn to make mailing lists, there are three types of mailing lists that you must know. The three mailing lists are “

1. Announcement type list

The type of mailing list uses a one-way communication system, which means that customers who enter as members do not have the right to reply to e-mail.

Generally, this type of mailing list is used to announce the release of new products, product discounts, or newsletters as a business brand campaign tool.

2. Response list

This type of mailing list can provide two-way communication. But, before you give a response right to several members. Usually, this type is used in the release of a bar product and you want to know the interests of the audience.

They will be given the right to answer offers with a choice or not as a material in your product survey.

3. Discussion type list

Unlike the two types of previous mailing lists, the communication process that is on the discussion type list can be done completely in two directions.

That means, every customer can reply to the email you sent like communicating normally. An example of this mailing list is widely used on product promotion or conducting product sales transactions.

How to make mailing lists

To make mailing lists in cPanel, of course, you have to subscribe to hosting and have also made business emails. If already, the next step is as follows:

1. Enter CPanel

When you have created an email, then try to enter your cPanel hosting access by accessing the page HTTP: // [] / Cpanel / or After that, log in using your username and password.

Alternatively, you can access cPanel through the member area and select your service menu, than hosting, and managed to host. On the hosting settings page, select All Features to be able to enter into cPanel.

2. Click the mailing list option

If you have entered Cpanel, scroll the cursor down then look for the mailing list menu in the email category

3. Fill in the mailing list data form

On the mailing list page, enter the name you want to use the list, then enter the password. Besides that, don’t forget to set Privacy via Access Type.

Access Type Private is used to approve customers who register. While the Public Type Access is used for customers who register and will automatically enter into the list you have created.

When you fill out the form and make privacy settings, please select Add. Wait for some time and the mailing list is ready for you to use.

4. Add customer email to the mailing list

Before you can share information through mailing lists before you have to enter your customers’ email data.

The trick is to return to the Mailing List menu on CPanel, look for the Current List option, then select Manage. After that, select Membership Management, and select the Mass Subscription menu.

At present, the process of making mailing lists has been completed, and you can use it to spread promo information or introduce your new product while creating engagement with the audience.

Why make the mailing list important?

If you have previously studied the mailing list and how to make it, then now you have to know the reason you have to make a mailing list.

1. Sharify information quickly

The mailing list will help you in providing information quickly and practically. This information can be accepted by all customers in one send.

NHA, if you want to use it for promotion on new products, of course, it will be more effective in increasing sales. Moreover, as one part of email marketing, this method is more optimal 40% than using social media.

2. Promotions on target

When making a mailing list, of course, you will group the audience following certain categories. This can be related to certain products or promos.

Well, when sharing information using the mailing list, the information deployed will be more targeted. Because the audience you sent email does have an interest in the promo information that you convey.

3. cost-effective Promotion

By using the mailing list, the promotion process you make will be faster and cheaper. Why? Because you only simply use communication media via practical email and use the hosting service that you have used.

Try to compare it with a particular promotion process that uses ad services, surely you will need a greater cost. What’s more, the promotional material you send is not necessarily read by the right customer.


Now you have understood the understanding of the mailing list, right? So, the mailing list is a service that can allow you to send emails to many audiences in a group.

This service is very effective for business and you can use it for various purposes, especially product promotion. The manufacturing process is quite easy, as easy as we have explained above. Starting from filling out forms to create a list, add customer emails, to send emails to the mailing list.

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