The Important Role of Facebook Ads in Increasing Business Popularity

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The Important Role of Facebook Ads in Increasing Business Popularity

The Important Role of Facebook Ads in Increasing Business Popularity 1

Facebook, until now still considered as the most popular social media. Aside from the popularity, it turns out that users also say that there are many benefits they can get from this social media. Through Facebook, you can carry out various beneficial activities such as following the latest news, writing status as a form of expression and existence, to conducting business promotions through Facebook Ads.

Business people use Facebook to promote through the fans page feature to disseminate information about their business. How much the public knows or is interested in your business can be measured by the number of fans page likers. Then, to optimize the fan page function as a channel for introducing and promoting business, you can use Facebook Ads.

As marketers already know, FB Ads are now in the same position as other online advertising platforms, such as Google Adwords. However, the difference between FB Ads and other ad platforms, namely Facebook has advantages such as the level of specification of the target market, as well as giving your content the potential to become viral. Another advantage, you can advertise on Facebook at a fairly affordable price.

Through the use of FB Ads in the right way, it will encourage Facebook users to become an audience on your fan page. Here are tips on using FB Ads that you can try.

1. Make Relevant Targets

When you decide to promote your fan page through FB Ads, it must be accompanied by setting relevant targets for your business. Like the category you want to achieve by classifying targets. For example, gender, age, economic class, level of education, geographical location, and so on.

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This feature is the easiest channel to use, intending to increase the number of likers. Furthermore, page likes sponsored stories are one of the advertising methods you can use to attract potential audiences as likers, by following the actions of their Facebook friends.

2. Using Ads on the Marketplace

Unlike page likes sponsored stories, Ads on the marketplace will usually appear on the side of your Facebook page. Then, you are also allowed to change the appearance of the image, title, and content of the Ads marketplace. Factors that will affect the number of likes on your fan page are the image you use, as well as the title and content of the content.

3. Create a Competition Involving an Audience

You can try to create a competition that will be followed by a fan page audience. This method is considered effective to enliven or increase your fan page visitors. The concept of competition can be made by anyone to give attractive prizes to the winners. It would be more effective if you use your product as a gift. In this way, your audience will feel challenged to get a prize, and indirectly you have promoted your product to a wider audience.

4. Through Precise Interest, You Can Target Competitive Customers

Precise interest serves to target a potential audience with a very broad reach. More great, you can target the target audience that comes from competing consumers. Like if you own a fashion business, you can aim at fan page with popular fashion consumers through the fashion community whose members use and follow the development of the industry.

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So, through Facebook Ads, you can do branding by increasing the popularity of your business fan page. And don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your product, so that later you can increase visitors on your online business portal. Froggy Ads is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. helps you target the marketing targets you want and gives you many choices for marketing your product.