The Importance of Web Hosting for Business Development

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The Importance of Web Hosting for Business Development

The Importance of Web Hosting for Business Development

The Importance of Web Hosting for Business Development

Developing business is not an easy matter. Along with the development of technology and age, business trends continue to change from time to time. In this digital era, people are no longer just fixated on television shows. Advertising your products and services on television may not be as effective. Likewise with billboards on the edge of the highway. When someone travels with public vehicles, for example, it is likely to be engrossed in staring at the gadget screen, whether it’s a tablet or smartphone.

Then, how do you people answer this challenge? There are many ways indeed. One of them is the most crucial is a website with its own hosting and domain. Why? Let’s recognize what is web hosting and learn the benefits of having it for your business!

What is web hosting?

Web Hosting is a service provided by providers for organizations and individuals in order to run its website on the Internet. Web hosts are a term that is often applied to service providers.

How it works, simply is a website hosted or stored on a special computer called a server. So, when internet users want to visit your website, this hosting allows them to access the website. These users can type your website / domain address in their browser. Well then then the access request is connected via the network to your server and your website can be displayed to the user.

Almost all hosting providers / providers require you to have a domain so they can host. If you have not thought of your website / domain address, the provider generally offers domain purchases. But don’t worry, rather than paying again, try looking for a free domain provided.

Why do you have to have a domain? Simply put, this domain is your home address. People will have trouble visiting your home if you don’t have a clear home address. Domain names are usually followed by certain domain extensions such as .com, .id, and so on.

Why do you need web hosting?

Before we discuss technically about why you need to use web hosting, let’s see a short story from a Huffington Post Creator Content, Greg Narayan. Greg stated in 2011, his friend runs a website with a nice niche. When Greg asked why his friend did not pay for web hosting, his friend felt he did not need it. But in the end they were both aware of instability because of the technical matters of a free website. Less back-end conditions, websites often crash and so on. This all makes his customer friends get angry and reluctant to transact again.

It really looks trivial, you might also think your business hasn’t really needed a web hosting because it’s not big. But, we think all businessmen agree that their vision wants to be greater than just running a business, they want their business to produce profits and multiply that profit too.

So the point is, there are three very important points that are the urgency of your website hosting:

You get market trust

Again, selling on social media may be commonplace. But, there are lots of cheats out there who are feared by your customers. When they find your website and see your business representation clearly and see your credibility or professionalism from your own domain, they certainly don’t hesitate to make transactions. Especially now, in the midst of many hackers and scammers. They want a secure website. If http: // can be a transaction that they do on your website is being transferred to the theft of credit card identity.

You have full control over your business

By using a free CMS a kind of Tumblr, free WordPress, and BlogPost is free, you are limited to the room. You certainly have to agree to all their terms (terms) that can change at any time. You also can’t customize it carelessly. By renting hosting, you can set up all aspects of your website according to business interests.

Your business is safe

Professional hosting providers must prioritize security aspects in each service. We ourselves prioritize that aspect. We recognize the hacking of increasingly rampant and the capabilities of the hackers are getting better along with the development of technology and the growth of the type of malware. We handle it for you. So you don’t need to worry about data / transactions / your website is not safe.

Web Hosting Types

If you agree that crucial web hosting for your business development, you might start thinking about looking for what hosting options are available to you. Of course your choice will be adjusted depending on several important factors. We will explain later. Previously, let’s recognize the prior type of hosting type!

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the cheapest hosting option. If you use shared hosting, it means you rent a server room with dozens or even hundreds of other websites. So, resources on the single server are shared for all websites on certain servers.

Indeed shared hosting is suitable for beginners who are just starting online. Why? Because it only needs makeshift technical knowledge in running it. But keep in mind, shared hosting is just strong for hosting a website that is the low number of web traffic. What if you receive many visitors who want to transact on your website? The website may fail or even offline. So if you are a businessman, avoid this type of hosting. This hosting might be right for beginner bloggers who just started blogging, or just blogging as a personal journal.

Cloud Hosting

This cloud hosting is the latest technology that is the solution to the problem on shared hosting. So, you don’t need to worry about crashes if your web traffic is abundant. Server is able to load a website, distribute it from a number of different servers. This cloud hosting is arguably flexible and suitable for business websites whose purpose to win visitors a lot or even the global market.

VPS Hosting.

This VPS hosting works in a different way of the types previously mentioned. Loyal servers are divided into individual / special servers. So if on the server generally, the server is distributed to some other websites, this is also the same. The difference lies in a much smaller amount than shared hosting. Private treatment. VPS can be a good choice for those of you who need more control and server resources but don’t want to invest expensively in the type of hosting dedicated (next to be explained).

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting gives you full control and adjustment that you like. Your website is the only website stored on one server. This is certainly your love for free access to server resources and the performance of your website is better overall. But indeed the price is very expensive, commonly used for corporates that have operated truly globally with very large web traffic.

There are several profound considerations that you need to do to use hosting services. Lots of providers can be an option but you should know your needs and adjust your financial condition.

Determining the CMS where you want to make a website it’s also important. WordPress is still the most widely used CMS by people. This CMS is suitable for those of you who have just started building a website. Easy to use and modified, that’s the advantage.


How? Are you ready to make your website with the best domain and web hosting? This article is a business guide that is not just a promotion. See how the website has always been a market place to consider whether he wants to transact or not for services or products.

The website is the representation of your main business in the digital era. As a cheap hosting provider, we are committed to helping you success online. Subscribe and read various interesting content from us other which can certainly be useful for your business development and website. Welcome to develop your business, good luck!

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