The Importance of User Experience

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The Importance of User Experience
The Importance of User Experience

The Importance of User Experience

The term User Experience (UX) is usually more familiar to use and discussed among website developers. What exactly is UX? Why is UX mentioned as a very important factor to increase customer loyalty while increasing your sales? Is UX that important? Let’s find out the answer through this article!

What is User Experience?

User Experience is how an internet user accesses a website, an experience they get from the website. Examples of User Experience are exploring all the features of existing websites, seeing the appearance of its website, and carrying out procedures to successfully product/service transactions. This User Experience is also commonly referred to by the abbreviation UX which in Indonesian is referred to as user experience.

Areas Related to UX Development

As we said earlier, UX is one of the fields that is developing very recently in line with the growth of e-commerce. Creating a user-centered design should include strategies in the following areas:

1. Project Management

This field focuses on planning and organizing projects and available resources. Project management also includes identifying and managing cycles that will be used later. Besides, also in applying it to the design process which again matches the term UX which is centered on user satisfaction and comfort. It did not stop there, even the management included formulating who was included in the project team and guiding the team efficiently until the project was completed.

2. User Research

This is research that focuses on understanding user behavior. What are the user’s needs and what motivations? User research is carried out using observation, analysis, and other methodologies for seeking feedback.

3. Usability Evaluation

This evaluation focuses on how well users can learn quickly and use existing website features to achieve their goals. It also actually refers to how satisfied the user is with the usage process.

Importance of User Experience

4. Information Architecture

This one area focuses on how information can be organized into structured and then presented to website users.

5. User Interface Design

This UI design focuses on anticipating what website users might need to use at the time of use. Besides, it also ensures that the interface has elements that are easy to access and understand so that they are easy to use as previously stated.

6. Interaction Design

This one design means the process of making an interactive system that appeals to the website user with an interactive concept that has been thought through carefully and logically.

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7. Visual Design

This visual design means ensuring that the artistic interface/appearance of the website is in line with the brand goals of your company.

8. Content Strategy

This content strategy focuses on writing and curating useful content for the user of the website, both to understand what the product is or its advantages as well as other useful tips related to the product. This strategy is done by planning the manufacture, delivery, and governance of what it looks like.

9. Web Analytics

This web analytics focuses on collecting, reporting, and analyzing data from a website.

Now, you already know what UX means. But why is UX important? If you are a businessman and try to attract more buyers through your website or application, UX is indeed very important. Here is research data that supports the argument that UX is a very important factor for success in the all-digital era!

According to research from Imaginovation, a research institution based in America: If your content is not optimized properly, as many as 79% of visitors will leave your website and look for other content/products.

According to research from the HubSpot research institute: 5X cellphone users are more likely to leave your website if the website isn’t optimized to fit the device they have. (It is bad if there are at least 2/3 of customers who access your website from their cellphone want to purchase on the same day).

According to research from MindTouch research institute: This is a real case, revenue from the website jumped 35% after they listened to their users’ complaints and redesigned their homepage.

According to Adobe: 39% of people will stop accessing a website if the image doesn’t load or takes too long to load.

So basically, your website now functions as a shop. Imagine the user as a prospective buyer who enters your store. If they experience a bad experience, for example, the prospective buyer can not find what they need. Not only that, but the store can also not succeed in reaching potential buyers, then the prospective buyer will leave and will not come back again.

This UX development might involve a team of web developers who have fantastic rates. But, really, with the time or money or energy already spent that’s your conversion rate/sales rate is likely to go up. Why? Once again, let’s read some research about UX that we explained in the previous point.

Google itself has announced that UX is one factor in the ranking of its search engines. They claim to want to provide relevant and good results in the eyes of customers so that more and more people are using Google’s search engine. Raising poor website rankings won’t make Google users feel satisfied. So a website must be easy to use, be navigated and understood by visitors (web visitors).